3 Simple Ways How Vine App Can Help Your B2C Business

There has been a sudden boom in short video apps ever since Vine came on the scene – Instagram has quickly followed. Vine allows users to post short video clips which loop around, and has already attracted the attention of businesses as a new way of interacting with their customers and engaging audiences by showing real life, happening moments from their favourite companies. So, how can your business use Vine to interact with and penetrate a new customer base?

1. Customer Interaction
Engage your users by letting them know what goes on behind the scenes (as long as that image is attractive!) Post a mini video of how the staff in your office are keeping cool during the heatwave; if you’re working on a new design do a short video on its progression; if you’re a packing company – wrap up one of your employees! It will show the users that you are humans with personality and as we are all on the lookout for human faces and interaction, this will help establish a company and consumer relationship.

2. Sneak Previews
Users will feel privileged and involved if you post updates on new collections or projects that you are working on – Vines can be a part of your launching campaign and bring you feedback from potential clients in the form of Likes and Comments.

3. Shows and Exhibitions
When your company attends shows and exhibitions, as well as tweeting and tagging yourself at the event – do a quick Vine post! Showcase how busy the event is, who’s there and what is going on. If you’re in the music industry, Vine is an unmissable tool for you.

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