5 Brands That Have Killed it this Halloween

Well, here we are, October 31st, or better known as Halloween. This time, for many brands, marks the final hurdle between them and being allowed to release all sorts of monstrosities in the run up to Christmas!

For brands, Halloween represents an unusual and creative opportunity. In the same was that we can don a costume and present ourselves in a way that we would not normally, brands too can have a bit of fun and play around with their usual campaign narrative. It allows them the opportunity to present themselves in a light that in usual circumstances they would steer clear of.

Unsurprisingly, in the run up to today, we have witnessed many a ghoulish campaign – on the telly, on social media and out and about. Here at Rooster – as a special trick or treat – we decided to spook you with the 5 best social media campaigns that we have spotted this year.

And so, in no particular order, here they are:

Airbnb – A night in Dracula’s Castle

Airbnb Dracula

Airbnb ran a bloody inspired contest this Halloween, where the winners would be given the opportunity to spend an all paid for night – coffins and flights included – in Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania.

The evening was to be hosted by none other than Dacre Stoker the great-grandnephew of Dracula’s author. Mr Stoker, unsurprisingly, is a true vampire expert and will be on hand to shed some light on all those things that may go bump in the night!

Jagermeister – Zombie Take-Over

Jagermeister Zombie

Jagermeister, the infamous German digestif company, have clearly put their brains together this Halloween and come up with Jagermeister’s Zombie Take Over.

Nicole Goodwin, marketing director at Mast-Jaegermeister UK, said: “Consumers have grown to associate Halloween with Jägermeister – it’s a dark, mysterious and complex spirit that’s perfect for Halloween celebrations.” This year they certainly capitalised on this. The drinks label had thousands of limited edition zombie kits sent out to their trade to customers who bought two or more cases of Jägermeister.

This special “Zombie Takeover” kit included a premium selection of Halloween decorations and accessories all covered in Jagger’s iconic branding. These were intended to help bars across up and down the country create the illusion of a real-life zombie apocalypse.

The brand also supported itself over Halloween on social media using #jagerzombie and through other trade promotions as well as releasing its own gruesome films – such as the one shown above.

Santander Cycles – Presenting The Blaze Witch Project

Santander Halloween

As part of a wider movement to raise cyclist safety awareness, Santander Cycles – or as many refer to them still as ‘Boris Bikes’ – have recently introduced lights onto its bicycles.

To coincide with this, the brand geared up with cycling and driving superstars Jessica Ennis-Hill and Jenson Button to come up with a spine-chilling short film; ‘The Blaze Witch Project.

Tesco – ‘Spookermarket’

Tesco Spooky

The grocery giant this Halloween has been creeping it real with a very amusing secret-camera inspired film.

The Supermarket boobie trapped the isles of one UK store with a range of different pranks. Included in these was a terrifying butcher, moving shopping trolleys, severed hands on-ice, a detached screaming head and a jumping pumpkin!

The above video captured over 10 million views on Facebook and Youtube in less than a week! If this wasn’t good enough, the store took this one step further and prompted users – once finished viewing the video – to watch four additional clips. These further videos showed viewers how to carve pumpkins and create other Halloween novelties.

This all tied in very satisfyingly with Tesco’s customer facing ethos of “every little helps,” which was further reinforced when the brand tweeted pumpkin stencils to turn everyone into an expert pumpkin-artiste!

Burger King – ‘The Scariest BK’

Burger King Halloween

It’s a well-known fact that Burger King and McDonald’s have a lot of Beef…and this Halloween has certainly been no exception.

Passers-by in New York City saw a Burger king restaurant dress up as ‘the ghost of McDonald’s’ and hanging a flag that read: “Booooooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.”