Top 5 takeaways from brightonSEO 2015

The Easter Holidays: a digital marketer’s favourite time of year. Q1 is officially over, new year’s resolutions are long forgotten, and BrightonSEO guides the commencement of new and improved digital strategy for the year ahead.

Widely recognised as Britain’s leading digital marketing conference, BrightonSEO witnessed thousands of digital professionals descend upon the south coast, with an aim to discuss the latest trends in digital and to consume a plethora of presentations from marketing industry experts.

Key Points of BrightonSEO

To save you pondering about what you may have missed this year, read our top 5 takeaways from BrightonSEO 2015.

1. As of April 21st 2015, websites without a ‘mobile friendly’ label will be de-prioritised in the SERPs. This imminent mobile algorithm change will negatively impact those without a mobile-friendly website.

2. Content-driven search remains a sound strategy for search engine marketing, and can bolster social media efforts too. Content strategy, editorial quality and online distribution are more important than ever.

3. The principles of mobile-first design should lead digital design teams, especially those working alongside search engine marketing colleagues. Mobile design should not be an afterthought!

4. When designing for mobile, aim for realistic conversions and focus on user experience; people tend to convert less on mobile devices, unless there’s an app or connected digital service. Who’s going to fill out a contact form on their iPhone?

5. SERPs still struggle with similar (or duplicate) content from the same domain. If you have multiple pages talking about the same service or displaying the same product, use canonical URLs to help search engines understand your preferred page.

If you’d like to learn more about the dynamic digital playing field – or to discuss a not-so-mobile-friendly website – give us a call or pop in for a chat.

Posted by Nikki Osborne on 13 Apr 2015