A PR Offer Has Hatched

PR has become an invaluable tool in a marketers plan and the evidence of that is becoming apparent to us more and more each day.

PR has become an invaluable tool in a marketers plan and the evidence of that is becoming apparent to us more and more each day. Brands now have an enormous amount of agencies they can choose from to work with on their latest campaigns, but how do you make the right choice?

PR & Communications

Rooster Marketing has recently added PR & Communications to our offering of services. From previously working on creative projects and being the team behind designing campaigns, building web pages, analysing the successes of our clients’ companies and most importantly getting to know the brands from start to finish, we can now actively promote our clients’ shiny new image.

From my experience of working with a number of different clients, it should be an agencies priority to understand the brand they’re working with before trying to promote and tell everyone about them. How can you talk about a product you don’t really understand, and sell an image you don’t love yourself? From the beginning of our contact with a client, the team gets to know what their core values are and display that in their new or simply evolved image. And from that knowledge and connection comes the passion for wanting to shout about these projects and let the whole world know how good it is.

Many agencies specialise in particular departments, and when the work gets passed on from agency to agency the campaign can get messy. It’s like having a picture painted by several artists – they are all great in individual styles but put them to work on the same canvas and the meaning behind the image can get lost.

There are also many practical benefits of working with the same company for the duration of your campaign such as the time you won’t need to waste telling a new agency all about the history and ethos of your brand; cut unnecessary financial costs by purchasing just one package with multiple offers rather than paying the same amount twice and the comfortable communication with the team you have established a relationship with.

In conclusion, the hybrid offer of creative design agencies and marketing & PR is a safe choice for brands to work with, simply because of the trust built from start to finish. After all, who better to spread the word than the team that build the image you’re so proud of?

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