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Animated Video: Why Your Business Needs One

Corporate animated video recently has seen a marked rise in popularity. After digging a little deeper this is not surprising: Video by 2017 video will be responsible for 90% of all online traffic!

“By 2017 video will be responsible for a huge 90% of all online traffic”

Corporate animated video recently has seen a marked rise in popularity. After digging a little deeper this is not surprising:

Video itself is the fastest growing media channel. It is predicted that by 2017 video will be responsible for 90% of all online traffic! This figure becomes tangible when you consider that YouTube already boasts 1 billion visitors to their site every month.

The reason for such a crescendo in popularity lies in the simple fact that video is processed 60,000 times faster than text. In today’s modern world, where people are not prepared to read reams of copy, a typical internet user will only read 28% of written content on a web page. What is wanted is instant information digestion and this is exactly what video offers.

Why Animated Video?

The answer is straightforward. Corporate videos are, in a sense, visual digital prospectuses or brochures. All importantly, being digital they can be far more engaging, more instantaneously shareable and far more dynamic than more traditional print modes.

However, it is important to note here that different channels and mediums play different roles for both companies and consumers. Following, it is vital to carefully consider what channel to utilise and why before starting any campaign or project.

3 Animated Video Styles

Corporate animation offers a solution that text and video simply cannot. It allows you to show, describe and present the benefits of your offering to your consumer simultaneously. The ability to do all three of these at once results in a far more powerful user experience than either one of these could when undertaken in isolation.

Animation is at its most useful when selling intangible products such as services or software. Often, it can be difficult to describe these succinctly and neigh impossible to video them physically. This, is where animation steps in.

Animation allows you to explain your product in the clearest way possible. It can turn even the most complex technology into accessible information that is easy for all to understand.

One example of this, is our recent work with Bowman Power:



Bowman Power – What is ETC from Rooster Marketing on Vimeo.

We designed, built and animated a hyper-realistic 3D animation to better explain Electric Turbo Compounding Technology (ETC).

As a company, Bowman Power design and manufacture energy efficiency technology for gas and diesel gensets. These are complex systems to understand! What Rooster did was break down the complexities of such technology via an easy to follow photo-realistic corporate animation accompanied by a purposeful and informative script.

We were also able to show the workings of the technology in a way that video simply couldn’t. Animation, not being restricted by real life boundaries, opens a whole new world and new opportunities for marketers to convey products.

Another example of corporate animation is 2D Vector Based Animation.

Take a look at our work with Urban Hawks below:



Urban Hawks – Animation from Rooster Marketing on Vimeo.

This style, again, allows Urban Hawks complex field management service to be explained and demonstrated clearly.

The very simplistic nature of a 2D animation such as this transcribes a friendly atmosphere which, affords the information to be processed in a relatable manner. As such, this style of animation proves very effective for conveying the benefits of many human services.

A third example of corporate animation is graphic video overlays.

Have a watch of our work with Links Life Sciences:



LLS Video + animation from Rooster Marketing on Vimeo.

Here, we have clearly depicted the unique workings of Links Life Sciences, a recruitment agency with a human focus. This was achieved via post-production graphic overlays. These allow normally invisible connections and workings of a company to be highlighted and celebrated subtly.

The combination of raw video and animation is particularly effective. Added value is processed through familiar physical environments that the viewer can relate and empathise with.

The nature of graphic overlays – working in tandem with video – transcribes an honesty and realness that affords information to be engaged with and retained effectively.

The Value of Corporate Animated Video

Animations and videos significantly boost conversion rates on websites and email marketing. They have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain text and a video on a landing page increases conversion by 70%. Additionally, they are shared 12,000 times more than links and text posts on social media and viewers spend 100% more time on pages with video.

As you can see from these stats and our two examples above, animation and video really are effective, but why are they?

Here is what we see as six of the most important reasons:

  • They ensure more of your content reaches your consumer.
  • Today’s average attention span is 8 seconds and over 26 million pieces of content are shared every day online. As a result, businesses need to get their content across faster. This is what video offers; instant information!
  • Without physical boundaries, animations can depict scenes cameras cannot or can overlay to enhance the video.
  • Animation allows you to change and adapt without reshooting the whole video affording longevity.
  • Videos and animations are easy to understand and highly engaging: They show people benefits rather than just telling them.
  • You can mould animations to wholly coincide and compliment your brand.

The above list, when combined in an animation, culminate to give great ROI. This said, caution needs to be taken and animations cannot be dubbed the be all and end all for marketers. And there certainly are times when plain text or more traditional mediums of content prove the most suitable option.

Selecting the correct media is crucially important to the success of any marketing activity:

What is required is a fully considered strategy taking into account the whole marketing mix. What it comes down to is your customer and their experience. It is crucial to examine what and where your target consumer is likely to be most receptive, both online and offline.

Here at Rooster, we offer just that. Being a fully integrated marketing agency we focus on creativity: First we listen, then we create and ultimately, we deliver. It is our open-channel approach and full-service offering that sets us apart. We marry traditional value with digital innovation so as to deliver the most effective campaigns and strategies for our clients

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