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Having my own shiny blog is something I have always considered but never acted upon, the allure of sharing things I am passionate about with a group of similar folk around the globe is very compelling.

My main fear and reason for never realising my blog dream is…would anyone out in big internet land really care what I have to say? Obviously everyone who starts up a blog has this fear. Friends have started blogs with this fear and they now have a regular audience that interact and crave new content they find stimulating but most importantly interesting to them as an individual.

Last year I attended a great seminar at Reasons to be Creative by a Brazilian designer Fabio Sasso, a designer at Google. His blog Abduzeedo began as a means for backup after an ugly robbery and is now one of the design world’s most sought after blogs attracting almost three million visitors a month. A Very inspiring tale for any budding blogger out there.

Creative & Design Blogs 2014

Being me I enjoy staring at lovely well thought out creative work and find reading about the process and how other people work fascinating.

My fave blog is Brand New which provides opinions on new corporate and brand identities. Brand New gives you the opportunity to rate the identity and aspects of the redesign either Great, Fine or Bad with a cruel vote mechanic, then live results can be viewed to see if fellow designers agreed with your verdict. I find this highly intriguing and do feel for the creative if bad is the overall outcome.

As I sit down with my morning tea I have a few staple blogs I visit for industry news and general “wish I did that” creative work, the Creative Review Blog and Design Week are perfect for this.

Whatever strange odds and sods you are into there is a blog out there just for you… my cat with added bread scratch is always itched by this beauty BreadedCats.com and a fellow designer chum blogs these little lonely fellows waiting for their owners on PatientDogs.com.

So blogs… inspiring, informative, a great source for express escapism and most importantly of course… good to improve a website’s SEO.

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Posted by Chris Taylor on 03 Oct 2014