Business Student to Web Development Intern

I’m Kieran and I am the most recent intern to join the awesome team here at Rooster in Winchester.

During my internship I am hoping to gain valuable experience in front-end development. Front-end-development is something relatively new to me. However, it’s grown to be a passion. Here’s my journey so far.

web developer intern


My journey into web development is perhaps an a-typical one. Graduating in 2015 from the University of Winchester with a Business Management degree, my first ‘office job’ was working as an intern for a London start-up. I was brought in to do social media and content marketing work. However, despite having a keen interest in marketing and branding and then undertaking an internship in the field, I came to realise that something was missing. That something was creativity.

Being born into a family with both a strong technical/logical side (Dad) and a strong creative side (Mum), I inherited both these qualities. However, before realising this, I went through a bit of a reflective period during the late summer of 2015 after completing my internship. Reflecting on things whilst barbecuing, sunbathing and walking the dog, I made the decision to go back to the University of Winchester to do an MA in digital media practice. It was time to combine both my technical and creative side.

As soon as the MA started, I became obsessed with web development and web design. After that, everything started to just fall into place. It became clear that this was the job I was looking for. Web development, in particular front-end-development, combines creativity, technology, marketing and the business knowledge I’d gained as a student. The real question was why couldn’t I have found this out earlier? Nevertheless, it’s never too late to follow your passion.

So, during my MA I started immersing myself in knowledge of this newly discovered passion of mine. The best part about this is that the learning doesn’t feel like work. It’s a hobby. Building websites, trying out new technologies, learning new coding languages and taking something I’ve sketched on a notebook into a fully working product is truly satisfying. All my MA projects have had web development as a central element. Learning the fundamentals of front-end-development over the last few months, I wanted to take my learning one step further. That’s when I started looking around for work experience to do alongside my MA.

Starting out as a Rooster Intern

After emailing around local agencies, Rooster emailed me and invited me to have a chat and show examples of my work. So I came into the board room with a handful of websites I’d been developing that were solely the result of 12 weeks of MA work and that was it. I got an email inviting me to be an intern. That’s where you find me now.

Currently I have been busy amending sites in WordPress that are due to go live in just two days! Resizing images, icons, uploading copy and tidying the sites up is what my first two day’s have been filled with. In the coming weeks I am hoping to get stuck into learning some PHP and doing other bits and pieces of coding work. However, even just getting first hand experience working in an agency and learning from the extremely fun and capable Rooster team is eye-opening and inspiring. I hope I can become a valuable asset here for as long as possible.

Alongside my passion for web development I enjoy lots of different things. I enjoy running, playing squash, cooking, eating and see myself as a bit of a barista at the weekends. Also, like most, I enjoy going out with family, friends and my girlfriend. Also, having spent plenty of time moving around both the UK and internationally, I love traveling and am hoping to take a trip to Asia in the coming summer.

Posted by Rooster Marketing on 07 Jan 2016