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What Makes a Good School Prospectus? We Ask the Parents

A school prospectus is an extension of your branding and plays a key role in showcasing the true essence of your school. It should impress not only parents and students, but also the community as a...

market research for schools

Market Research for Schools

Black Friday interview

What Do Consumers Really Think About Black Friday?

What are people buying and which shops are they heading to on Black Friday? We carried out Vox Pop interviews in Southampton City Centre, to find out what people really think - and where they'll be...

Focus Group

How to Use a Focus Group to Drive Your Business Forward

A focus group allows businesses to directly engage with their customers or other stakeholders and is one of our most popular research methods.

Winchester High Street 2017

Market Research: Shopping in Winchester

Find out what people really think of the shops, restaurants and cafes in Winchester. What's missing? What's there too much of?

Ben Market Research

An Interview with Ben, our Head of Market Research

We’ve set up an interview with Ben, our Head of Market Research, to help you understand a little more about our approach to market research and the main go-to-guy himself!

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