Chinese New Year: The Year of Rooster Marketing

As its the year of the Rooster it only seemed right that the Rooster’s characteristics and traits are carried emphasised and developed in the work we produce at Rooster Marketing.

The Chinese New Year – also known as ‘Spring Festival’ – is the most traditional celebration in China. The Chinese mark this celebration by following the Lunar calendar, which corresponds to the black moon. This is why the date for Chinese New Year changes every year; it depends on the cycles of the full moon.

The festive season typically lasts around fifteen days starting at the end of January and finishing early February.

The Chinese New Year is extremely important to the people, the culture and their well being. Traditionally, the Chinese celebrated the up and coming year by preparing for farm work, wishing and praying for a good harvest – which makes sense as majority of the population were farmers back then. Today 55% of the Chinese population are urban which is more than what it was generations ago – preparations today are far more family focused i.e. taking a break from work!

For those that didn’t know, the reason the Chinese celebrate a different animal each year is supposedly because the Zodiac animal signifies something valuable. It is believed the animal shares similar traits to the individuals born in that year. Similar to our almost-monthly star signs, the Chinese define the zodiac on a yearly basis.

This celebration has evolved into a year of wishing and hoping for business success, promising profits as well as fantastic romantic and familial opportunities.

Chinese New Year: The Rooster

As its the year of the Rooster it only seemed right that the Rooster’s characteristics and traits are carried emphasised and developed in the work we produce at Rooster Marketing:

“Roosters are always active, amusing, and popular within a crowd. Roosters are talkative, outspoken, frank, open, honest, and loyal individuals.” (Tell us something we don’t know!)

The Chinese element theory believes Rooster’s are more motivated than any other animal – and that’s exactly how we see ourselves as an agency at Rooster Marketing!

The Rooster loves to be challenged from the very start right until the end. In the same way, with a clear goal in sight, the Rooster Marketing team always aim to complete our client’s goal to the highest standards regardless of what difficulties may be ahead.

It has been said that the Rooster’s five virtues are: Literary, Military, Prowess, Courageous, Benevolent and Trustworthy.

It is extremely important to Rooster Marketing that we continually demonstrate this virtual excellence through hard work, determination and a commitment to delivering high-quality service.

We listen, we create and we deliver for our clients.

What it means for Marketing in 2017

In 2017 we see a bright future for Rooster Marketing and the industry itself. In Greek mythology it is said the Rooster can feel what will happen in the future, meaning they can problem solve in ways others could never imagine. For 2017, this will prove to be a great trait indeed:

We believe that the majority of organisations will need to quickly adapt to the following changes if they are to succeed in this cultural shift. Below are just a few of our predictions:

1) Content marketing

Content isn’t going anywhere, if anything there is probably too much of it. We predict the biggest challenge in search and content marketing this year will be creating content that stands out amongst the rest.

Some content is becoming too predictable and lacks imagination. Agencies that don’t relate their content to the reader will find it harder to compete in this fast paced industry, because marketing and advertising is everywhere, people can’t help but be exposed to these messages on a daily basis. If they are not created or delivered properly and for a specific purpose, people may dismiss content because it was either weak, annoying or irrelevant.

You want to avoid this as much a possible, try not to create an opportunity where the reader has time to think up negative associations with your brand. People today will turn off immediately if the advertising message isn’t one that appeals to them straight away therefore, content marketing needs to be strong and speak for itself to interest all audiences.

We suggest you make use of your content by implementing it into a strategy that focuses on linking images to a narrative instead of writing for the sake of it. This is far more impactful for the reader especially if the intention is to make the reader do something.

People remember you for what you say, and then what you can do.

2)  Digital – Video & Animation

In 2016, we saw a social trend turn into a business necessity as more and more people started sharing videos on the biggest social networking platform, Facebook. This form of communication has become so popular it is now viewed as a ‘must have’ for websites and company profiles.

Why video & animation? It is an easy way to transfer information to the reader quickly and efficiently. Customers can click to watch videos when they please which works as an advantage because the key message won’t ever be lost in a world of mixed messages. Unlike content marketing, video & animation does not overwhelm, frustrate or confuse the viewer allowing them to experience something different. This new demand for video and animation has meant people expect to see some type of  video or animation when they first land on website pages.

In relation to the hypodermic theory, video & animation can inject ideas, messages and beliefs to an audience that is visually more pleasing. If you’re looking for video production, audio production, 3D animation or CGI  Rooster Marketing can help you as we specialise in these particular fields.

3) Digital – Mobile First

Chinese New Year Mobile First Digital Marketing

As we’ve mentioned earlier in a previous blog post, mobile design is the new way forward. With data collection improving searches have highlighted that the majority of people searching on the web now use a mobile device rather than a desktop.

Google have hinted they are experimenting with mobile SEO as accelerated mobile pages are speeding up – something to look out for!

Google are indicating mobile searchers are driving more traffic to websites therefore, in 2017 consider in the planning and designing stage the importance of having an attractive mobile friendly design and then build your way up to bigger devices.

Companies will have to start thinking about a mobile-first indexing system that will be beneficial for SEO purposes. Mobile SEO will allow you to gain more information on searches which will be useful when trying to market your content to a specific audience.

4) Creative – Advertising

At Rooster we believe advertising and marketing in 2017 is not about chasing the new thing but doing the right thing.

We predict and hope that advertising messages seen online will attract attention purely on the basis of it being relevant to the customer serving a significant purpose. We hope lots of brands will start leading with their hearts and not their heads by only sharing information that really matters!

One other thing, we think influential celebrities and authoritative personalities on social media will change the way people consume products. We saw a little of this influential power in 2016 but we predict 2017 will be the year it comes into it’s own. The net generation are driven by what they see and what they’re being told. Social patterns and cultural trends will continue to grow as technology evolves.

As technology improves we predict social platforms will be the centre point for connecting brands, people and chatbots together. 2017 is the year for personalisation.

 5) Marketing – Strategy

A strategy should be compulsory for any organisation. A strategy helps you understand your markets, your track costs, and is great way to seek innovative opportunities. At Rooster Marketing we can help you develop an effective strategy by aligning your core objectives with in depth research we act as an advocate in this process.

In 2017 we predict Marketing strategies will have more of a personal feel to them. Money will be spent on balancing the needs of current customers as well as thinking of ways to build relationships with potential new ones.

We predict Marketing efforts will focus more on personalisation used as an engagement tactic.Rooster can help with your business strategy by hosting an audience and outcomes exercise. To deliver a good campaign we will do the researching and planning for you. First we start off by defining the problem, then we set a goal of where we want to be and finally we ask how are we going to get there?

We will get to know your target audience and become familiar with their behaviour, habits and needs. Our job is to provide you with a solution that will help you approach your situation in the best way possible for ROI. To achieve a good reputation for your brand we will focus on customer interactions, customer retention influencing consumers to climb the loyalty ladder. At Rooster we work closely with our clients for the best overall outcome.

Our ongoing resolution is to shape culture, not just follow it.