Digital Marketing Internship: My First Month

my day began by getting a taste of the kind of work I would be doing here: content marketing, communicating with clients, board meetings, email marketing, and even a spot of filming!

Well, first and foremost, I’m still here!…so this experience has already been a success.

Digital Marketing Internship

On my first day, I was introduced to the lovely team that is Rooster Marketing. After being shown to my very own desk and setting up a work email address, my day began by getting a taste of the kind of work I would be doing here: content marketing, communicating with clients, board meetings, email marketing, and even a spot of filming!

To get into the habit of writing, I started with a blog post all about me; little did I know that I would be asked to publish it on the website, a first for me.

After work that day, the Rooster Team hit the dog races in Poole; it was a fun night filled with laughter, luck (for some), and loss (for the majority of us). This was my first time going to any racing event, and apart from not being allowed to cuddle all the dogs, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It was a great opportunity for me to meet the team outside of the office, whom I’d be spending the next three months with; not to mention my overall win of a cool £7.45, walking away with an honourable profit of 45 pence. Sterling silver. #winning

Whilst being at Rooster, I’ve been introduced to many new programmes, websites and content management systems that I had never even heard of before (let alone used!); and now they have become a central part of how I contact clients, and how I write and display my work.

Before writing any content for a client, I begin by researching their company and become accustomed to who they are and what they are about; I’ve learnt that this is an essential part of meeting the client’s desires and delivering the highest standard of work. From this research I also grasp how to address my client when communicating with them, adapting my voice and tone to reflect their company’s image and identity.

I have already gained a huge amount of experience in writing, learning how to edit content efficiently, and exercising my creative control in every project. I have become familiar with WordPress, creating accounts and uploading content for our clients to promote their company, and styling the page in order to suit their branding. I have even become familiar with the basics of Photoshop, editing images in order to use alongside content and assisting in bringing an article or blog to life.

Working as an intern can be an awkward role, you’re bound to make mistakes as you’re constantly taking on new information, but you’re eager to make a good impression. For some interns, as the cliche goes, their potential can be limited to running errands or being constantly chained to a photocopier and doing filing. I can safely say that I haven’t stepped anywhere near a photocopier, and that is a skill that I am grateful for not learning!

The team at Rooster don’t take themselves too seriously, and I immediately felt welcome working within a good-humoured and friendly atmosphere. I sincerely appreciate the creative control that I am given here at Rooster, and I feel as though my opinion, even that of an intern, really matters.

I have enjoyed brainstorming ideas and planning social media strategies for both Rooster and clients, constantly improving their image and making their company more accessible and distinguished than ever before. All the while, I have gotten into the routine of timing myself when working, using the ‘Toggl’ app; this gives me an idea of how long each task takes me, helping me to set aside enough time and plan future work.

Not only has my internship been educationally intuitive, but it has been a huge learning curve in terms of getting into a daily routine of working a 9 – 5(:30) job in an office environment, opposed to shifting work at my local pub. It has also provided me with an invaluable perspective of the working world, in particular, the marketing sector.

Throughout the past month, aside from all the new programmes I’ve been using and other work related skills, most of all I’ve come to learn that Rooster is extremely good at what they do. As well as office-based work, there are opportunities to get involved with video production, on-location photography, travelling to meet clients and getting involved with various events.

Everyone works as a whole team, and communication is an essential part of our day-to-day life in the office. We are constantly helping each other out, taking the time to offer ideas and solutions to any problems that may arise. Everyone here is passionate about the work they do and genuinely cares about helping their clients and the standard of work that they produce; of which I have been immensely impressed with.