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Tell a story without words – We shoot images and video that elevate your brand.

The use of photography and video can be a powerful tool for any business to help portray themselves. We shoot images that convey your message at a single glance.

We are specialists in corporate photography and videography, creating media that tells your brand story.

If you don’t think your digital media currently represents who you are or how you want the world to see you, then we would love to speak to you.


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Visual storytelling.

Photographs put us in a moment. Marketing photography feeds that experience, that feeling, straight into the minds of the audience.

At Rooster we have specialist knowledge in product photography and experience working in complex, challenging on-location shoots. We have UAVAir CAA approved drone pilots, for aerial photography and videography. All our work in bespoke created in-house. We can source locations, models and props – for complete control of the project, from start to finish.

Our work captures spirit, emotion, energy – and is prepared for delivery in all print and digital formats.

Art Direction is the vision behind the creativity. It’s the binding factor that gives the creative work its purpose. The look and feel, the brand cohesion, the messaging – it’s all decided before a single shot is taken.

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