Embarking on my Rooster Internship

I am Phoebe, and I have joined Rooster’s ranks as their new intern. I am hoping to to gain valuable experience and exposure to the various different roles within the company.

I am Phoebe, and I have joined Rooster’s ranks as their new intern – Woo!

As an intern here at Rooster, I am hoping to gain valuable experience and exposure to the various different roles within the company and to unearth in particular, the aspects that appeal to me most under that very broad umbrella term that is ‘Marketing.’

Agency Internship

Talking of umbrellas…I recently graduated from Cardiff University. Cardiff has been named Britain’s wettest city, and speaking with personal experience, this is a very well deserved name. On over 149 days a year the heavens open and down comes one and a half meters of rainfall; mix this with the welsh winds and Cardiff really is just a very large umbrella graveyard!

Aside from learning to cope in extreme weather conditions, I also went and got myself a History degree. History is quite the challenging subject, not least that there is a lot to be reading, writing and researching, yet the main challenge that me and my fellow undergraduates faced was our sheer lack of contact hours. In my second year, my ‘working week,’ if you can even call it that, had drawn to firm close by 11am Tuesday morning. You may think this would be every student’s dream – and it was initially, until it dawned on me that a six-day weekend wouldn’t be a permanent weekly feature!

So why marketing you may ask, well is it not a natural progression from history? not quite! I would say my rather varied CV would have a little, or a lot, to do with it. My career started of in a pub (shock) which then progressed to a fancy little bar-bistro (oh so suave) where I was pouring pints AND making macchiatos – the dream right?

I then seemed to soar even higher and bagged myself a very unexpected months work experience at GQ Magazine where I helped to prepare article content, transcribe interviews and research and suggest material to be used in upcoming issues. Not to mention I was entrusted with preparing their – now thanks to me – infamous joke column! It was here that my interest for copywriting and content was first ignited.

But then off I trundled to Wales and university where I was abruptly and firmly brought straight back down to Earth and to the wonderful working world that is nightclubs –  in all their animated, booming and sticky glory (note the sarcasm!) It was here, however, that I discovered my love for promotion and selling. I played a vital role in the exciting, and frankly great fun, launch of the student night FLUX. I was involved in the logo and leaflet design and was a member of the team tasked with creating and maintaining the ‘online buzz.’ Considering that this night remains Cardiff’s most popular student night I think we did something right.

I also have worked for RMPFilmmakers, primarily as their Social Media Manager. It was my responsibility to announce upcoming and current projects, and to provide a certain amount of ‘teaser’ and behind-the-scene shots to our followers. Maximising exposure across all social media platforms I learned to be vital, and to maintain customer interest things had to be kept fresh and engaging so I was allowed a certain amount of creativity in my posts. In this role I too was able to draw on my creativity in another way and played a vital role in the Larmer Tree 2014 project. The responsibility fell to us to create a lively film that matched their recent rebranding:



I really relished the opportunity to try my hand at filming and editing, and in doing so, was exposed to a whole new world of promotion, from storyboarding to rendering, that I found to be hugely exciting and stimulating.

Outside the ‘office’ I enjoy a number of different things. I am a keen sports player and an even keener baker and lover all things food- think Mo Farah meets Mary Berry, or perhaps not! I too am the very proud owner of two bunnies, Betty and Boudicca, an ever so temperamental rescue spaniel called Bruno, and a small flock of chickens who collectively share the name Tarquin! From time to time I too enjoy a little tipple with my pals, and am a keen artist(e), or I attempt to be anyway!

Here at Rooster, I look forward to getting stuck in, getting to know and working with the team on various different projects and expanding my knowledge and skill set in web design, content marketing, advertising and to even have the opportunity to build on experience gained at RMPFilmmakers and to learn more about the ways video can be used to enhance and embody a brand – oh and of course by providing a constant flow of tea!!