My First Week at a Digital Marketing Agency – Rooster Marketing

Nikki describes her thoughts and impressions as she embarks on an exciting new career move to our digital marketing agency.

Hi there! Nikki here. After working at Rooster Marketing as a Digital Marketing Executive for just over a week now, I thought that I would introduce myself by giving a little account of my thoughts and impressions as I embark on my exciting new career move to a digital marketing agency.


Working at a digital marketing agency - Nikki


Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency – why Rooster?


When I started my new job hunt, I knew exactly what I was searching for. Coming from a mostly in-house background, I was looking to make a switch to a digital marketing agency which would foster my creativity and allow me the opportunity to round-off my digital marketing experience. I already had experience in email marketing, content creation, SEO and website management and was keen to gain experience working for clients in differing industries.

Having previously worked in larger organisations in city centres, I was looking for a refreshing change and I knew Rooster had just moved their office to a countryside location just outside Winchester . The tranquillity seemed like the perfect location to hone my creative and analytical skills, whilst contributing to a talented team working for a diverse range of clients. And, having arrived for my interview to find the team fishing on their lunch break, I knew Rooster had found the work-life balance I was looking for.

After speaking to two of the Directors, Chris & Nick, I could tell how dedicated they were to the success of their digital marketing agency, but all-importantly they were keen to get across the culture they’ve instilled. They spoke about how for them, the most important thing was to find the right person, that can not only fit within the team but also has the right attitude, who’ll put 100% effort into achieving the best results for each and every client. This really stood out to me as I’ve discovered how important it is to have great work colleagues – a move towards Rooster just felt right.


My First Week


On first impressions, I’m pleasantly surprised to see the culture that Chris & Nick spoke about in my interview shine through. It is generally accepted that it can be hard being the new person, but I’ve never felt more welcome, and to walk inside The Mill to see ‘welcome Nikki’ written on the blackboard was such a nice touch (thanks, Kath!)

Already, I can see the collaborative nature of the team, where each person takes an interest in what everyone is up to and will offer help and guidance if needed. I feel very lucky to be able to work in a team of such creative and motivated people.

I’ve spent the last week getting up to speed with current projects and brainstorming ideas to improve the user experience with the Rooster website as well as working on content marketing and SEO audits.

I’ve also spent a lot of time learning about our fantastic clients, who I’m very much looking forward to being introduced to!


What’s in Store for me Next?


I’ll be teaming up with Kath to ensure that new and existing clients have an effective SEO strategy and optimised PPC advertising.

SEO is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to ensure that website content is seen and producing best results. Reaching the first page of Google or other search engines is extremely competitive and the algorithms used to determine which page ranks where is constantly changing. Many of our clients need specialist help because of this, which is why I’ve now joined the team!

With Pay Per Click advertising, I will be helping to create, optimise and continuously improve campaigns to drive quality, well-targeted traffic to our clients’ websites. With some thorough research, I’ll be looking to find the most economical way to encourage clicks, focusing on high traffic while reducing cost per click rates.


Get in Contact


If you’d like to find out what we can do for you – or would like to introduce yourself to me, then please do get in touch! Just email at [email protected], fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page or call us on 01962 841 200.


Jobs at Rooster Marketing


Rooster is always looking for fresh talent to join their creative, digital marketing agency. See the list of current vacancies here.