Graphic Design: 3 Months Interning at an Agency

A little over two months ago, we invited Southampton Solent University graphic design student Adam Shipp to experience working life at our Winchester-based agency.

A little over two months ago, we invited Southampton Solent University graphic design student Adam Shipp to experience working life at our Winchester-based agency.

We asked Adam to blog about working life at a design agency, and how it differs to what one might study at University.

Graphic Design Internship

First of all, English is not my strongest subject. In fact, I haven’t written content since I was back at school, where although I did OK I spent most of the lesson drawing new typefaces and doodling on the front cover of my book, so you will have to excuse my writing ability but I hope you can follow my journey as a graphic design intern.

University was always going to be different to life at Rooster. Getting up early and actually having breakfast was the first shock to the system! Apprehensive and nervous I arrived at rooster for my first day.

My first observation of the working environment is that a cup of tea is essential. It’s funny that no matter what profession you’re in, essentially the thought process and the get-up-and-go attitude is very influential from a cup of tea. Making teas was something I expected to do a lot as an intern, and at the start it would be fair to say my tea making was mediocre, but now I would happily take on Costa.

Photoshop files was my first real eye opener to the working environment; I remember first opening a Photoshop file and seeing what a million layers looked like, all in a crazy order. At University you don’t tend to share work, so you don’t really see how others work and manage their files.

One thing that stands out about Rooster is that it’s a fun place to work. Everyone gets along, and although people hold higher positions than others, no one thinks they’re better than anyone else. In ways this is where I found Rooster to be similar to University because of the fun working environment Rooster has adopted.

Rooster has taught me a lot and it’s been a great environment for me to learn how a design agency operates on a day-to-day basis. I enjoyed seeing how a brand really takes shape, and how it evolves from just ideas scribbled down onto a bit of paper to a final outcome, which inevitably becomes the face of a company.

A lot of my friends are in full-time work/apprenticeships and complain about their working life and say how boring and rubbish it is. Maybe they’re in the wrong profession because my first taste of the working life has been awesome thanks to Rooster!