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Rooster Marketing – award-winning full-service marketing agency, based in Hampshire.

We are a Hampshire based full-service marketing with clients across the south-west of England. We have specialists in digital and traditional marketing and all the areas that these include.

We give businesses solutions that elevate your businesses marketing and brand presence – on web and digital platforms, and in the physical world. Our work is based on solid research so we’re able to show real, measurable results for everything we create.

Our work crosses between the boundaries of digital and physical media. We showcase brands in creative, strategic campaigns on the web and in the real world – tying channels together for maximum impact. No matter what we’re making or who we’re making it for – we always deliver innovative, remarkable, unique work.

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Creative Branding.

Creative & branding agency Hampshire.

Your brand is everything. It’s not your logo or your name. It’s not your colour palette or tone of voice. It’s not your fonts or your staff uniforms, or the quality of your printed material.

It’s all of it. And everything else. Your brand is how people know you. It’s what people feel about your business. If it’s confusing, all over the place, undecided – that’s how people will feel about you.

Rooster focuses on design that makes business better. Not just prettier, not just a gimmick – and not just wild creativity.

Our work is created by our dedicated in house team of designers, at our office in Shawford, Hampshire, researched by insightful marketers and is backed up with the depth of expertise we have built through working with clients from a diverse range of industries. We create designs to elevate businesses into the next evolutionary phase of their organisation. Your brand is important and will undoubtedly be the bedrock of everything your business is doing. We can help you get it right – for you and your market.

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Visual storytelling.

Corporate photography & video production services in Hampshire.

Photographs put us in a moment. Marketing photography feeds that experience, that feeling, straight into the minds of the audience.

The use of photography and video can be a powerful tool for any business to help portray themselves. We shoot images that convey your message at a single glance.

We are specialists in corporate photography and videography, creating media that tells your brand story. At Rooster we have specialist knowledge in product photography and experience working in complex, challenging on-location shoots. We have UAVAir CAA approved drone pilots, for aerial photography and videography. All our work in bespoke created in-house at our office in Shawford, Hampshire. We can source locations, models and props – for complete control of the project, from start to finish.

Our work captures spirit, emotion, energy – and is prepared for delivery in all print and digital formats.

If you don’t think your digital media currently represents who you are or how you want the world to see you, then we would love to speak to you.

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Performance Marketing.

Digital marketing services in Hampshire.

From lost in search to found in search – with PPC, SEO & Content marketing.

Performance marketing makes up the core of our digital services. We’re experts in driving the right traffic to your website, helping you increase your conversion rates from paid advertising and organic search. Other marketing agencies might increase your traffic tenfold, but here at Rooster, we’re focused on getting your ideal customer to your website. It’ all well and good driving high levels of traffic – but if those visitors don’t have the right intent, they won’t provide value.

We offer a wide range of performance marketing services from our Hampshire based office, including:

So, if you feel like you’re not tapping into the right audience with your online marketing, talk to us. Let’s get your performance marketing performing again.

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