Happy Social Media Day 2016!

Well here we are, June 30th, 2016 – for those of you who are unawares, today marks the seventh annual global celebration of social media!

Social Media Day 2016!

Well here we are, June 30th, 2016 – for those of you who are unawares, today marks the seventh annual global celebration of social media!!

Although it can be argued that every day is social media day, #SMDay, this day, in particular, was selected by Mashable to become a globally recognised celebration of the digital revolution that is happening before our very eyes.

It really is amazing to think how much has changed since the first #SMDay in 2010. For starters, the presence that video now commands in our daily lives on social media. I for one find it a real honour to be working in this amazingly creative and fast paced industry.

As an ode to social media, here at Rooster, we decided to gift to you the 5 best social media campaigns that we have spotted and have really struck a chord with us over the last year. And so, in no particular order, here they are:

Dr Dre Beats: Straight Outta Compton Social Media Campaign on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Last year Beats by Dre partnered with Universal Pictures to promote Straight Outta Compton; a film about Beats’ founder, Dr Dre, his life in Compton and subsequent career in the entertainment industry. The goal was to start a global conversation that would generate interest in the film before it’s release and to demonstrate that Dr Dre’s phenomenal career and origins in Compton were precursors to what Beats has become today.

The campaign was based on the insight that everyone is proud of where they come from. What was created was a fully integrated campaign that gave their audience the ability to showcase hometown pride. The campaign began by recruiting influencers connected to Compton, Dre, and the music industry to post ‘Straight Outta’ pictures first. The collective influence of this high profile group generated huge awareness of the campaign and ignited the spark that started a truly global social media phenomenon.

The success of this campaign can be seen through the film’s success and the fact that Beats was the first brand in history to be the #1 trend on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at the same time.

It was the creative integration of the brand’s heritage coupled with consumer pride in what the Beats brand is today.

#LoveAtFirstTaste Knorr: Social Media Campaign on Twitter,Facebook,YouTube

After conducting extensive market research, Knorr came up with a particularly creative way to tap into the coveted millennial demographic. Their findings gave them huge insights into the mindset of their younger audiences and as a result they produced the #LoveAtFirstTaste campaign:

The ad, which was created by MullenLowe, shows people on blind dates matched by taste profiles. To make the dates even more intense, when the contestants meet for dinner they are told that they can only eat by feeding each other.

To support the film, Knorr created an online quiz that tells you your flavour profile and shared both via the hashtag #LoveAtFirstTaste in preparation for valentine’s day. The response was huge engagement across all social channels and the advert on youtube alone has already racked up an impressive 60,163,413 views.

Tinder/Bite the Ballot: EU fact or fiction, Tinder Campaign

The well-known dating app Tinder partnered with Bite the Ballot in the run up to the EU referendum that took place last week. The main aim of this partnership was to engage with younger people on the referendum and to encourage them to vote.

The Tinder push was part of a wider campaign aiming to make history by getting 500,000 people registered to vote in the space of a week.

Via fact or fiction – swipe left or right – they engaged first before sending a link to register to vote. Inspired!

Air B’n’B, Instagram Campaign

Air B’n’B‘s 2015 Instagram objective was to reveal the most unique places around the world – whether these were properties or a unique story.

It was decided that Instagram was to be used not only as a place to be creative but also as a platform on which to showcase the experience of staying with Airbnb: They are more than a service, they are an experience.

By capturing the “essence” of travelling on Airbnb, the goal was to allow people to understand what the brand stands for, beyond just sharing homes. The company’s Instagram activity wanted to put the wanderlust and awe back into travelling and planning trips by instilling a surging desire for adventure. We dare you to scroll their Instagram and not feel this!!

BBC Panorama Social Media Campaign: The Refugee Crisis, Snapchat

In 2015 Panorama decided to take the migrant journey from the Greek islands into Western Europe with the Syrian migrants. What they experienced was shared real-time in what was dubbed the ‘day-by-day digital documentary’.

The objective was to take our audience on a journey of discovery. The use of Snapchat allowed the campaign to be created and shared across the globe in real-time.

Panorama wanted to engage with a younger audience via social media so that they could participate in the journey.

There wasn’t a formal strategy for this experiment, and it was the ability to react and implement innovation as events unfolded that made this campaign so impressively unique and personal. It was refreshingly honest and showed the crisis in its real and raw human form. It was a hard-hitting campaign that showed real people, in real-time, doing real things.

So there you have it, five of the best – or in our opinion anyway!

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