Have You Kept Your Marketing Resolutions For 2013?

So it’s February, you all came back to work with the best marketing intentions, had a burst of activity and now you are thinking “How long until my summer holiday?”

The hardest thing to keeping a marketing strategy is starting one. The second hardest thing to a marketing strategy is sticking to it. Marketing should be treated as a marathon not a 100m sprint and to run a marathon takes a lot of planning, training, commitment and a lot of support. Here at Rooster we think of ourselves as a creative marketing agency that acts as a support vehicle to marketing departments and individuals. It is all too easy to get so caught up in the day to day volume of work that you don’t take a step back and notice all the simple but vital marketing activities that are being neglected and that you need help with. The first way we can help you is to get back to the basics. Lets get the foundations to your marketing back in place, secure and structured because time and time again we see that marketing departments have unintentionally let the foundations slip over time while they are focused on the finish line. Once the foundations are all in place you can start to plan your marketing activity for the year ahead and beyond but not before.

For example, we have many clients in the new year saying that they want us to start work on their SEO or create and manage a PPC Campaign. If anyone offers to work on your SEO or set up PPC campaigns before they question the structure of your existing website to direct the traffic to then swiftly walk away. SEO and PPC campaigns that we create for our clients are so specific, so relevant and so highly optimised to maximise ROI for these marketing activities. It is very easy to get traffic to a website and be given an analytics report that shows this is the case, but what business has this generated? We focus on more relevant traffic to a relevant offering giving much higher goal conversions, very simple, very structured and very effective.

This is the same for many other marketing scenarios. Make sure your marketing message has a relevant home on your website for ALL marketing activity. More people are likely to tentatively go to the website first to gain confidence and find our more before picking up the phone and arranging an appointment.

Contact Rooster Marketing, the creative marketing agency to make sure your Marketing efforts make it to the finish line and don’t fall at the first hurdle.