An Interview with Ben, our Head of Market Research

We’ve set up an interview with Ben, our Head of Market Research, to help you understand a little more about our approach to market research and the main go-to-guy himself!

As we continue to have conversations with our clients about market research, a clear pattern seems apparent. There is a common misconception that market research is dull, full of facts and figures and is essentially hard to understand if you’re not a numbers kind of person.

If you too have this perception, then frankly, we don’t blame you! This will indeed be the case for some market research companies that you work with.

At Rooster, we’re all about keeping things clear and simple. While the data is very useful, we know that you need the straight up recommendations.

Importantly, you need to work with someone that you can have some rapport with. We’ve set up an interview with Ben, our Head of Market Research, to help you understand a little more about our approach to market research and the main go-to-guy himself!


Ben Market Research


What do you enjoy most about market research?

“The fast paced environment is something that really appeals to me. It is also very stimulating to be able to work with such an exciting range of industries and brands. I strive to discover fresh insights that will make a difference.“


Why is market research so important?

“It puts you in the best position to make those all-important business decisions. We are seeing a huge increase in demand for market research and I am not at all surprised when it can be successfully used to define new strategies to push your business forward.”


What are the common mistakes businesses make when conducting their own research?

“There is the challenge to remain impartial and customers often find it easier to be open and honest dealing with an outsider. We have experience in asking the right questions to achieve the best possible outcomes, using the most appropriate research method for the project. We follow through all our research with trustworthy quality checks.”


What changes have you seen in the industry in recent years?

“Advances in technology have always had an impact on market research — think back to the movement from paper surveys to online surveys. Then there is the impact of social media and the increasing opportunities it gives customers to voice their opinions. Currently, there is a big obsession with data. Consumers are increasingly tech savvy and there are more ways than ever to capture someone’s thoughts, feelings — even purchases — ways that weren’t available even five years ago.”


What trends are you seeing currently?

“There is a trend for parallel data gathering, where a mix of qualitative (images, text) and quantitative (numbers) research data is collected at the same time. This is something I encourage and using qualitative data often assists with understanding unanticipated results from quantitative data.”


Why should our clients put their trust in Rooster for their market research?

“Our research gives our clients more than numbers, it delivers the clear actionable insight you need to drive change, grow relationships and power results. Alongside the data, we always provide an overview of the market research that will have our key recommendations for your business. This is brought to the stakeholders in a way that is easy for them to understand both the insight and what action should be taken by us.”


Let’s get to know Ben…who is your celebrity hero?

“The 2 Roger’s – Roger Federer and Roger Moore.”


What would be your alternative career?

“I am a tennis coach and if I wasn’t here at our marvellous Mill / Rooster HQ, you would probably find me on the court!”


What is your favourite holiday destination?

“It has to be Italy. Besides the spectacular scenery and sun, I love the Italian cars, boats, food, shops… and gelato!”



Next Steps on your Market Research Journey

So there we have it, our approach to market research at Rooster as explained by Ben, our Head of Market Research (aka resident Roger Moore enthusiast).

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