My First Week at Rooster

“Just be Yourself”

The words of my loved ones echoed down to my wobbly knees as I followed the gravel pathway to Rooster Marketing’s new HQThe Mill in Shawford, Winchester. But, I was soon to find out these thoughts of nervous anticipation would soon fly away, just as my first week working here has.

New beginnings

My first day marked a special occasion for not only me but the whole team – as they had just successfully completed moving offices into a beautiful Grade II listed building just 4 minutes outside the centre of Winchester. It definitely felt like the beginning of something fantastic, the light, open spaces framed with rustic wood furnishings and bespoke antiques are filled with modern high-tech information systems and state of the art connectivity. I immediately felt at home and couldn’t wait to learn the ropes of my role, Content Marketing Executive.

Having always had a passion for writing, I had been lucky enough to translate this into my work recently. Together with working for easily one of the best marketing agencies in the South, I had been counting down the days until now.

Settling in

The team at Rooster welcomed me and made me feel right at home in an instant. Before I knew it, I was typing away – engrossed in my work whilst enjoying the sound of the trickling fishing stream below. What became apparent was the passion and care every member of the team possessed, suddenly The Mill was alive with creativity; video was being filmed, photos snapped and splashes heard as our Director Chris caught a trout – just outside our front door! The first week for Rooster at The Mill had inspired the team to curate and experiment with our new surroundings, rest assured, I enjoyed this whilst it lasted as the team are always super busy.

Before I knew it, the day has ended and I was on my way back home. To my surprise, I was looking forward to the next day at work already – unheard of if you know me!

A busy week

Over the next few days, I enjoyed brainstorms with the creative team – talking social media, video content and much more, and explored my new surroundings nestled in beautiful Shawford, a little bit of heaven with its green surrounds, yet so perfectly situated for travel in any direction. I was amazed I could travel here from my home in central Southampton in just 12 minutes!

As I sit here and write this, the hum of a drone has just flown past my window as our moving in video is completed with some awesome aerial footage. If you’d like to see it, click here.

The future is.. Content!

As for my role, I’m looking forward to producing an effective content strategy for our present and future clients here at Rooster. To coin an old phrase, content is still king, and it’s so important to reinforce your sales strategy with regularly updated and relevant articles – which will build trust in your customers and nurture your retention rates. Our unique and talented team work closely to optimise this through a blend of SEO strategy and valued article content, creating a bond with brands and their target audience.

If you’d like to find out more, you can get in get in contact via email or call us on 01962 841 200.

Posted by Nikki Osborne on 11 Apr 2017