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Performance marketing makes up the core of our digital services. We’re experts in driving the right traffic to your website, helping you increase your conversion rates from paid advertising and organic search. Other marketing agencies might increase your traffic tenfold, but here at Rooster, we’re focused on getting your ideal customer to your website. It’ all well and good driving high levels of traffic – but if those visitors don’t have the right intent, they won’t provide value.

So, if you feel like you’re not tapping into the right audience with your online marketing, talk to us. Let’s get your performance marketing performing again.

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At Rooster, we have been doing Digital Advertising for a long time. We know that every client has different priorities. Whether you are knowledgeable but want to outsource some of you work to a highly capable team, or are looking for someone to take the reigns and help push your business forward we can help you. We deliver search engine marketing campaigns that make a difference to your business.

The benefit of working with a dedicated Digital Marketing team is clear. We are highly skilled in the area we specialise in because we can dedicate 100% of our time to it.

We offer a wide range of performance marketing services including:

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