Poultry in Motion: The New Rooster

Rooster has some big changes to announce. With time to reflect on where we are now and where Rooster is going, we’ve got some fantastic news to share: Rooster Marketing is changing its name, and we’re celebrating with a brand new website. Find out what it means for clients new and old in this post, and learn about other changes to our services which you can enjoy from today.

New name, fresh website, same agency

The times, they are a’changing.

In the last year, Rooster has almost doubled in size to 15 members of staff, and we’re doing as much offline marketing work as with our digital efforts.

With time to reflect on where we are now and where Rooster is going, we’ve got some fantastic news to share: Rooster Digital is changing its name, and we’re celebrating with a brand new website.

Rooster Marketing

Our new name is Rooster Marketing. The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the name on our new signage at the front of Rooster HQ:

We’ll still be the same company you know and love: we’re in the heart of Winchester in Hampshire, we have the same roster of staff, and our legal name remains Rooster Digital Ltd. It’s the same old Rooster, but our coop has had a fresh lick of paint to weather the next few years.

What does this mean for existing clients? No surprises: you’re already experiencing our expanded creative marketing services, and with new account managers in the Rooster team, you’ll enjoy better customer service than ever.

One major benefit of the change is that prospective clients don’t have to worry that Rooster is just a digital agency. We want the world to know that we offer a full suite of marketing services, and we think our new name better reflects that.

The new Rooster website

Visit our homepage, and you’ll see we’ve completely revamped our online presence.

It’s important to practice what you preach, and for the past two years, the growth of mobile shows that responsive design (where websites adapt to the mobile, tablet and desktop screens accordingly) has become an essential part of any serious modern web strategy. Why ignore mobile when half your traffic is coming from a mobile device?

The new site takes everything we’ve learnt about design, content strategy and SEO to create a solid foundation which we can adapt and improve over time. By creating a platform we can build upon, we hope to be in a better position to adapt to the digital landscape changes.

See our new creative marketing services

Enough about us. We’d love you to find out how we can help change your business by browsing our new creative marketing services. Did you know, for example, that we do full CGI animation and video production now? Look at this that we made for I2O Water:

Quite a leap from where we started as a web design agency four years ago, eh?

We’d love you to come in for a chat so we can suggest new ways that we can change your business. Send us a message and we’ll find time for you as soon as you like.