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The new face of Google AdWords has arrived, in the form of a beta. It’s Analytics style interface features is a great step towards making the Google software easier for users and customers to manage and understand information presented in front of them. It’s certainly more attractive!

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The changes to Google AdWords so far:



The biggest change to the new Google AdWords is the look and feel. Its focus is clearly on the visual representation of data, with the use of big icons rather than buzz words, header images to show locations and colour specific lines.


Using the same style as Analytics, Google has adopted the side navigation for the top level pages/sections and inner submenus are along the top. With three menus being used, the navigation is an issue for most of the newer AdWords users. It’s definitely taking us some time to get used to!


What’s missing with the new Google AdWords interface?


Shared library

With AdWords, you can share budgets across different campaigns, so if you had a budget for your overall PPC activity, you can share it across all campaigns, or only certain ones. The functionality to be able to do this is perfect for customers who do not have a huge budget as they still maximised on their click potential.

This is now missing from the new interface but still accessible through the older version of AdWords. This is extremely helpful for a range of our clients for ease of maintenance and therefore should definitely be included in the final version of AdWords.

Keyword planner

Every advertiser’s dream, the tool that allows you to identify keywords that have both potential and value to your business either for an SEO purpose or for its intended use, PPC.

It is still listed in the new menu, however, it’s the same layout as the old AdWords, and therefore feels disjointed.

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Bulk edits

Above the campaigns in the old interface used to be a handy sub menu above the Ad Groups and Ads – where you can make edits across multiple campaigns instead of having to do them individually.

Using bulk editing helps you save time by simultaneously updating multiple items in one campaign or across multiple campaigns, so it seems odd that they have removed this feature – but this may be only temporary until the final version is rolled out!


As a key feature of the old AdWords, Attribution has been forgotten. Used for the process of understanding and assigning credit to parts of a campaign that leads on to conversions.


AdWords PPC Coversions



Another feature that is not included in the newer version of AdWords. With its various outputs and segmentation of data, it was an extremely useful tool.

Price extensions

With the most recent feature in the old AdWords, it seems odd that the price extensions are the only extension that has not been brought across to the new interface, meaning that they could be dropped.

What’s new to Google PPC?It’s all exciting with the new release of the beta version, it’s giving us an idea that Google is planning for bigger and better things that will give us insights into audiences and overall to encourage us to spend more on PPC.

It’s all exciting with the new release of the beta version, it’s giving us an idea that Google is planning for bigger and better things that will give us insights into audiences and overall to encourage us to spend more on PPC.


Goals is a new feature that allows you to set the goal for each campaign within the settings tab – Google will then provide suggestions to help improve your campaign performance based on this goal. This means that setting objectives just got easier.

Advanced bid adjustments

Advanced bid adjustments is a feature added at the end of the optimisation selections, which allows you to apply bid adjustments based on interactions with ads. This is particularly useful if you are monitoring more than one conversion – as you can now increase your bids for someone to call, fill out a form or visit a particular page, but separately.


New PPC Google AdWords Interface


A step forward or a step back for AdWords?

It’ll take a little getting used to, but the new interface for Google AdWords is definitely a step forward, it’s more attractive, useful and interactive. Even though some of the features have been left behind, the new ones are already proving extremely helpful in the optimisation of campaigns.

We think that with this shift for Google news icon based interfaces, more and more people will become familiar with using systems such as this. They are modernising and it looks great.

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Posted by Nikki Osborne on 03 Aug 2017