Realising Your Creativity

I hear the word ‘creative’ being used far more when talking with clients. They are not just referring to the visual creative that we produce for their brands. But they are using it to define how they compete and differ from their competitors.

For example I attended a seminar at the beginning of the year where one of our clients, Ben Renshaw, who is a renowned leadership coach, was speaking. He was describing how they coach senior executives at board level. His main focus was on creativity rather than strategy. He would encourage the executives to get out of the office and go and play golf, go sailing, play sport, whatever they needed to do to be in a relaxed frame of mind where they can think creatively.

Another example is Hordle Walhampton School, a beautiful independent school in the New Forest. The headmaster Titus Mills, is an advocate for teaching in a creative environment. He is encouraging lessons to be taught outside in their 100 acre grounds. Why should maths be taught in a class room? It’s about using the strengths and resources creatively to enhance your offering.

I think a lot of people are afraid of creativity. They don’t see themselves as creative people. This is probably because at some point in their lives they have tried to express themselves creatively but have been put down or knocked. Also creativity is difficult to measure, there are no set formulas or calculations. It is a mind set that I believe everyone can attain.

The harder you try to think creatively the harder it becomes. Creativity happens when you can think freely and clearly. You have to open your mind up to new thoughts, some may seem ridiculous and impractical, but you have to explore these thoughts.

Creativity is a journey you have to travel sometimes it can be a quick journey others more like an expedition. You will take the wrong turnings, but if you believe in the purpose of the journey you will eventually arrive at the right destination.

This is how we see creative projects at Rooster Digital they are a creative journey that we enjoy travelling along and are always pleased with the final destination. As are our clients.

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