SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – How Exciting!

Natural SEO can be the key to business success which in our eyes can be very exciting.

Admitted you normally would not hear the words “SEO” and “exciting” in the same sentence but natural SEO can be the key to business success which in our eyes can be very exciting. The problem is improved natural SEO takes a long time, but then so do many other dull (but important) things in life such as pensions, mortgages, savings plans, education and getting fit. Now I’m not saying improved natural SEO will take as long as your pension would mature, but a 6-12 month investment is advisable to see good results. Some obvious changes such as changing title tags and getting meta descriptions in place will give relatively quick results, but in our eyes, this should be done as standard when your website is built.

It can be tough for small, startup businesses to justify spending a monthly amount on SEO but ignore it at your peril! SEO is one of the highest ROI marketing efforts that you could undertake and the larger your business, the wider the area you cover and the more popular your product or service is then the higher that ROI will be. We can run a FREE RANKING REPORT for our clients with existing websites so they can see where they are appearing in search engines for some of their main search keywords and phrases. Before we send you your report make sure you are sitting down as most clients we send it to are shocked at how low they are appearing on search engines. My advice takes it on the chin, move on and start to do something about it.

For best results, your website may need to be re-structured so you can target certain keywords and phrases for certain pages of your website. The more specific your web pages can be, the more successful your SEO agency can be in getting you to that top spot. Being vague with your offering on landing pages will make the job almost impossible.

The fact is not everyone can be number one on Google no matter what some SEO companies tell you with that annoying sales call or mailer. Realistic targets need to be set, but the more money and time that you invest in the right company, the higher you will appear on search engines. Once you are king of the castle (or at least close to it) there will always be someone trying to knock down your drawbridge and take your top spot, but if you are already in the castle it will be a lot harder for competitors to take your vantage point and work needs to be ongoing to keep you there.

We have all done it, searching for common keywords to get our website to appear, only to see competitors websites rising to the surface and slowly treading you deeper and deeper into the depths of Google. When was the last time you went onto page 2 of a search engine results to find what you are looking for? Exactly, so why would your potential customers. Maybe now is the time to do something about it so start planning and get your website SEO fit for a healthy, exciting, successful business.

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