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Photography at Rooster

Here at Rooster we have an expert photography team who are experienced in shooting a whole host of different subjects. We are also able to offer aerial photography via drone and have in-house UAVAir CAA approved drone pilots.

We are also very experienced in shooting from a multitude of locations, including; outside locations both on the ground and from the air via drone, inside shots including office spaces and team photos, high action sports shots and other more complex location shoots.

All our photography services are carried out in-house. This means that the images that we create for you will be wholly taken for their intended use and not just a style that we like or to serve as additions to personal portfolios.

We ensure that when taking images that each image will have relevance for and stand a chance of being in date for as long as possible. This is why prior to any shoot we like to come to the shoot location beforehand for what we call a ‘recce day.’ This gives us the opportunity to plan and test our equipment in the environment we will be working so that on the day of the shoot, our time is used efficiently as possible meaning that we can wholly focus on getting the required shots.

This ensures that Rooster’s photography is at the highest standard possible and that on the day of the shoot there is no wasted time setting up or experimenting with camera settings.

We deploy art direction which guarantees that you get as much from our time as possible and will work with you to plan the day(s) to make sure that everyone involved is prepared. Our shoots are fast, fun and creative and we are sure you will be very proud of the results.

Product Photography

Photography for Marketing

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. For marketers, this certainly is the case and photography offers an opportunity to create images that function as a practical and visual asset that can be used across the marketing mix.

Photography is a time-tested and industry proven method of improving a businesses’ online reach, natural SEO and engagement levels – both on and offline – which together ultimately drive conversion rates.

Why Is Photography Important?

As well as appealing to our inquisitive and visual nature, photography, offers marketers and companies many aesthetic, emotive and technical benefits:

  • Photography makes us want to engage with a piece of content – both on and offline.
  • Any content featuring photography, on average, receives twice as much traffic.
  • Consumers are doubly as likely to contact a business when an image shows up in local search results.
  • For an e-commerce site, high-quality product photography makes all the difference.
  • Photos are twice as likely to be shared and engaged with than text.
  • Photography lies at the heart of the creation of brand stories.

Ultimately, photography lets you and your company show off! If you have an amazing location, amazing work or amazing people then show them off! You need to make your consumer want to join in with you and photography allows this. It offers your customers a chance to experience a piece of what you offer.


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Bring images to life with our in-house photography team, creating quality images for print and digital media.


Photography Gallery

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