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User Interface and User Experience Design

Improve customer retention and drive engagement to your website with UX design and UI design.

UI and UX Design at Rooster

Rooster Marketing’s UX and UI design process combines industry best practices with our signature creativity. The result? Beautiful, intuitive interfaces which work for both you and your customer.

As part of our creative design process at Rooster Marketing, we begin by thoroughly researching your audiences. This allows us to best meet their needs to map the clearest clear path possible to all your content.

User Interface Design

What is UI and UX Design?

UX design refers to user experience design, while UI design stands for user interface design.

Both are crucial for a website to function successfully and it’s important to ensure they work closely together. UX focuses on the journey and experience of a user using your website, whereas, UI is the platform is which UX is changed and implemented.

Without a great UI, you will struggle to create a great UX for your customers.

User Experience Design

Types of User Interface that Improve User Experience

Web-based User Interface (WUI): These are the types of interface you as a web user will see online. WUI are web pages on a website, each designed in a way that a user can interact with them.

Form User Interfaces: A form-based interface uses elements such as text areas and check boxes to create an electronic form, which a user completes in order to enter data into a system.

Form-based UIs are commonly used on websites to gather data from a customer, or in call centres to allow operators to quickly enter information gathered over the phone.

Why Great UX and UI Design Matters

Besides it being important that every page on your website is attractive, the real value of good design lies in the attention it pays to the user. The design of your website’s UX and UI impacts on every moment that your customer spends on our web pages. When it’s done well it can hugely increase the trust a visitor has in your website, and therefore in your business.

When Rooster Marketing designs any UI we always think about the UX too:

Contextualisation: A user’s journey should be like a story in a book, with a clear starting path and an end goal. What we craft are stories shaped from audience research for accurate and reliable wireframes.

Humanisation: User experience is all about creating the best possible memory of using your website. That’s why we create approachable, trustworthy, and transparent interfaces.

Simplistic: A simple website design is straight to the point, easy to use and has a clear purpose. Here at Rooster Marketing we avoid using distractions, jargon and prevents long loading times. Whilst consistency and clarity across your site will help you to establish a strong visual hierarchy.

When design focuses primarily on user experience and user interface, it enables the delivery of measurable results, such as conversions on contact forms, call tracking, the volume of visitors and sales, and ultimately a boost in profit for an online business.

By being able to track success, you can record success and that’s the real importance of great user experience from a great user interface design.

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