Video production, CGI and animation

Capture attention, captivate the audience.

Our video and animation work delivers a message and has a purpose. We capture the spirit and feel of brands – of their people and their work. We create incredible, detailed animations and CGIs that educate, captivate and convert.

Video wins customers.

We are also very experienced in shooting from a multitude of locations, including; outside locations both on the ground and from the air via drone, inside shots including office spaces and team photos, high action sports shots and other more complex location shoots.

All of our photography services are carried out in-house. This means that the images that we create for you will be wholly taken for their intended use and not just a style that we like or to serve as additions to personal portfolios.

Immersive CGI.

2D vector animation.

Stylised, flat animations that pop. Grab attention, keep focus and deliver a message with smooth 2D animation. Combined with raw video, 2D graphic overlays add uniqueness and information.

3D animation.

Realistic CGI videos with limitless potential. Impossible shots, imaginary landscapes and a complete disregard for the laws of physics. With 3D animation, we can make anything.

Static CGI.

Hyperrealistic visions of products and property, ready for print and screen. Our CGI artists create static images for property development and product catalogues, with the ability to blend CGI into photography.

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