Social media advertising and management

Say “hello, world”.

Rooster delivers strategy, management and content for social media. Our clients work in challenging B2B and B2C sectors, where giants dominate the conversation online.

We don’t just passively let our clients get a word in edgewise – we give their audience content they’ll love.

Where is everybody?

Everything we do starts with research. We manage the social networks that you’re likely to find success on, and focus our efforts on them. All social channels have their own etiquette and branding opportunities – so we tailor set up and posts to each platform. Our clients benefit from increased brand exposure – and most importantly – the increased marketing agility that only social media can achieve.

We research all major social networks, to see where your audience will get the most from your communications.

Social media advertising.

We work with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn advertising products – along with our social media marketing services. We build audiences and campaigns that drive awareness, conversions or that grow your profiles.


Groups, events and brilliant targeted advertising make Facebook a hit. Pages are set up, maintained and curated by our expert team – from designer to copywriter – for a unified brand experience.


The world’s second largest search engine is also the second largest social network. We curate successful YouTube channels for clients in surprising industries.


It’s fashionable and fun – but if it’s right for you, Instagram means business, too. We show our clients’ creative sides – and get people talking about them.


Lots of businesses don’t get Twitter. But we know it’s one of the greatest outreach opportunities on the internet. We build relationships and find the accounts that’ll tell your story.


All work and no play? Maybe – but LinkedIn is a powerful business tool, with smart features to help your business stand out.

Make a splash.

Our creative work grabs attention. Combined with the reach of social media and expertly timed delivery, our campaigns help clients achieve their goals, talk to their audience and manage their brand image. We approach social campaigns as a collaborative effort, and work with you to bring a vision to life. The Rooster team is agile and quick-witted; exactly what you want on your side when responsiveness is everything. Interested?

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