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Here at Rooster, we can handle every part of the video production process, from conception and storyboarding, to filming, art direction and delivery. This ensures your video captures your brand, communicated a clear message and ultimately achieves a clear marketing goal.

We have an expert production team who are on hand to create engaging, memorable and impactful videos for you, your business and your brand. We can even help design a comprehensive video content strategy for omnichannel use, allowing you to take advantage of the vast amount of search traffic available on YouTube.

Our video production and 3D animation (CGI) services can include:

All the videos we produce are wholly bespoke and tailored to your and your business needs. Here at Rooster we can work to meet a variety of budgets, deadlines, platforms, and objectives.

Once we have produced your video, we can integrate it into your marketing mix as a full-service agency so that it achieves its goals, giving you the best value for money and ROI possible.

What Is Video Production?

For marketers, videos are multi-functional assets. They can be used in a whole host of marketing arenas from websites to social channels, to exhibitions, to emailers and many, many more channels.

They also prove to be a very powerful weapon in any marketer’s armoury that reaches a larger audience, have great SEO benefits and offer unrivalled consumer engagement levels.

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Why Video Production for Marketing is Important

Video production is one of the best ways to fully engage with your audience, communicate a strong message and in a very short space of time – which is key for today’s lazy internet user who is less inclined to read reams of copy.

Video marketing affords your brand a dynamic shop front, and one that is available and open on a global scale. Video marketing, celebrating either your company, your services, your products – or indeed all three – not only sells and expresses your offering but, connects with your customers on an emotive level.

Using video to engage with a consumer humanises the selling process. It allows your consumer to preview the feeling and experience that you offer – alongside your material offerings of course.

Video marketing allows marketers to move away from selling two-dimensional products to selling the remarkable, meaningful and relevant stories.

Video production brings your brand to life in a tangible and four-dimensional form that emotionally engages with your audience. Through multi-sensory and multi-lateral engagement, a video is in fact 27.4 times more likely than plain copy to get that all important click through that we as marketers and businesses strive for.

Additionally, the ease and will of consumers to share videos gives video marketing a second formidable edge: Once a video is uploaded onto a website or social platform, it is likely to engage with consumers that would not, in other situations, digest your content.

Video marketing therefore vastly increases your consumer catchment area. Another bonus that video can bring to you and your website is that is can vastly improve upon your website’s search engine optimisation, or SEO. Even Google have admitted that video content is 50 times more likely to appear above similar pages that are formed from plain text and imagery.

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