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How is your organisation seen from the eyes of your customers?

What is Brand Positioning Research?

Brand positioning research is the process used to gain an insight into your organisation from the eyes of a customer.

A well-positioned company will have an edge on a competing organisation with a similar offering. It can clearly articulate its purpose, how it’s different to competitors and how much value the products or services provide the customer.


Why Undertake Brand Positioning Research?


Ultimately, you want to create a unique impression in your customers’ mind whereby you are associated with something specific and desirable within your brand that is distinct from rest of the marketplace. The more your customers associate positivity with your brand, the more likely they are to buy your products or services.

You will have a brand position whether you proactively involved in its development or not – but if an intelligent, forward-thinking approach is taken, you can positively influence your brand from the eyes of the customer – changing the way they view your company. This is where Rooster comes in.


Who Would Benefit from Brand Positioning Research?

  • New businesses – while you may not need to see how your organisation is viewed from the eyes of an existing customer base, it is important to establish from the outset what persona you wish to emulate so that you can create a plan to achieve this.
  • Established businesses – for more established businesses, brand research can be used periodically or continuously to track consumers’ perception, satisfaction and experience.
  • Businesses concerned about their reputation – any business that has had a recent knock in brand reputation or customer satisfaction would find brand positioning research very useful. The insights gained from the brand positioning research will help you to rebuild your brand reputation.


Market Research at Rooster Marketing

Rooster’s brand positioning research will assess the current value of your brand, whether it’s new or existing, by measuring its performance, satisfaction and awareness. Whether it’s through online surveys, focus groups, telephone or vox pop interviews, Rooster will be able to provide you with a clear overview of your brand and how it sits among competitors.

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