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Identify, define and truly understand your audiences with our target market research services.

What is a Target Market Research Exercise?

An exercise that aims to identify, define and understand the audiences you are trying to target and to ensure the best possible outcome by giving them exactly what they want.


Target Market Research: The Rooster Method

To kick-off this market research, we would engage in several discussions with your various teams. These free-flowing discussions allow your staff to consider and identify audiences that your business would like to attract and how would be best to target them.

We would then, back at Rooster HQ, research these audiences and the available traffic online for them. It must be noted that web visitors aren’t, as a whole, a prospective customer. Instead, as this exercise will reveal them to be, they are always grouped into specific categories. Each of these categories needs to be catered for and targeted differently.

In the same way, a target market can also be an existing customer looking for information, an internal team member, job seekers, or even a journalist or blogger. It is only by identifying clear audience types, that we can start to identify specific outcomes for each audience that matches your goals and future aspirations.


Ensure That Time and Money Are Not Unnecessarily Spent

A target market exercise can also determine which audiences that you don’t want to target. As a result, we can implement a plan to filter such audiences away from your site to ensure that time and money are not unnecessarily spent on these groups.

Once we have a list of agreed outcomes, we create a guideline report to help you develop content, branding, the tone of voice and user experience from start to finish for your website or campaign.

This report will outline specific requirements for each audience group; what they are looking for, recommend search phrases to use to aid with your SEO and how to come across to them on social media.

Due to its detailed nature, a target market research exercise serves as the perfect foundation for branding and the curation of brand guidelines to then be built upon.

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