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Understand your customers. Meet their challenges.

We take an open approach to market research. We combine our analytical and specialist knowledge with insight gained from customers, staff and the people yet to encounter your business. Our aim: to know how people feel about your business and brand, how they engage with you, what you mean to them – and how their experiences can be improved.

Designs that talk to your target audience.

Our first task in market research is to conduct a series of meetings and interviews, with a mix of people. This includes staff from all levels of your business, your customers and people who haven’t interacted with your business before. This gives us (and you) valuable insight into your company, brand, customer experience and the challenges that we need to overcome.

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Elevating identities with substance and style.

Insights from Audience and Outcomes, combined with our own research, creativity and design fluency, allow us to create timeless logos. Our work seeks to evoke emotion and convey your brand ethos in the simplest, most effective way.

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Using insights to enhance your business.

We work with brands to create new identities and reinforce their values. We work to revitalise traditional brands while maintaining their heritage. The insights gained from Audience and Outcomes sessions inform the creation of a brand identity – one that meets business and customer expectations. We conduct our own research into your competitors and similar businesses, to give your brand a unique position and message.

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Creating websites that work for you.

Your website needs to be audited technically and from a UI/UX perspective – but input from users is the most critical research phase. What do they like, what do they want, how do they think it can be better – and does your website need to serve multiple audiences? Before we design, we seek to answer these questions with insight from Audience and Outcomes exercises, research and data analysis.

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We speak to key members of your staff whose insights are invaluable, in one-on-one interviews. To get honest feedback, we speak to your team with no managers or other staff members present – in complete confidence, backed up by a written agreement. Honesty is essential in business, and having raw unfiltered insight into your operations at critical levels can being about a giant leap into your next phase of growth.

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To know how people feel about your brand in a candid and honest way, we ask them – in short interviews carried out in public. You might be surprised by their responses, but those surprises can be the most valuable insights you’ll ever get.

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