Top Tips For Building a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign In 2017

We’ve collated our tried and tested campaigns to create our 2017 top tips for digital marketing success.

2016 was definitely known as the year of the unexpected. We experienced surprise after surprise, not only with general news about politics but also shifts in digital marketing, with the shift towards mobile, social video and messaging. So we’ve collated our tried and tested campaigns to create our 2017 top tips for digital marketing success.

With the marketing sector forever expanding and companies continuing to get tighter on what they are going to spend, it’s really worth understanding what you’re getting for your money. Whether you are investing with an in-house team or outsourcing to an agency, maximising your return on your investment is more important than ever.

Here at Rooster HQ, we don’t like to brag, but we are specialists in digital marketing. We consult, create and deliver digital marketing campaigns for a variety of different clients in different sectors.

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Top Tops for Digital Marketing Campaigns

Over the years, we have seen the rise and falls of many strategies, some that have been week wonders and others that have really captured the mind of audiences, such as our LVS campaign for private education. Take a look! From our wisdom, we have created our quick top tips for ensuring your digital marketing campaign:

Have a clear objective

Make sure you know what you want from the campaign, do you want more interaction, more sales or simply just brand recognition? This means that you can set fundamental goals to record the return on investment.

Research exactly who your audience is

Remember that there are different types of audiences, those who are loyal and those who shop around. Your loyal customers may stick with you but are they your most profitable? Researching into what made them loyal to you will come in handy when trying to convert potential customers.

Use the right media

Think of the customer journey, are they finding you through SEO? PPC? Physical rather than Digital? Word of Mouth or simply from an Emailer? By understanding where your customers come from and where they end up, is a great indicator of which platform works for you. Maximising your return on investment comes down to knowing what your audience will buy into, social media may be nice and engaging for your brand, but if your objective is to sell more, are they converting at the end of it? The answer is probably not.

Be consistent with your touch points

You have your research, you have your media choices and the data to back it up. Now it’s time to be professional, clean and dependable. Every part of your digital marketing campaign should reflect who you are and clearly show a call to action.

An example of this would be using an emailer to encourage more click-throughs to the website/section of your website. Now what? They’ve clicked through, do you want them to click through to somewhere else or call you after this page?

If your end goal is to push your brand, you want to encourage your audience to share the content that is on your website/emailer, if it’s sales – you want them to call or purchase. If you are inconsistent with your call to action, you may confuse the user and they could end up getting lost.

Track, track, track!

Digital marketing is great. Not only can you start and end a campaign at any point, but you can also test and track the whole way through. With Digital, you can see exactly what someone has done with your campaign. They’ve clicked, shared, called or even purchased. You can calculate ROI from tracking each event that happens.

Being able to track this, means you can stop profitless media, unengaging adverts and even test variants of the same advert to see which perform better. Tracking is essential to digital marketing campaigns.

Rooster Marketing

So there you have it, Rooster Marketing’s top tips for a flawless digital marketing strategy! I mean, it sounds easier than it actually is. Campaigns take a lot of time, research and money – but having the expertise and experience from the beginning will always benefit you in the future.

If you want to talk to us about some of the digital marketing campaigns we have done for other clients, why not get in touch? We are happy to discuss how we can help your business with a clear, justified, accurate, consistent and tracked digital marketing campaign with a great return on investment.