Top tips for creating a successful app for your business

Everybody is talking about app’s. Have you ever considered an app for your business? If so ask yourself the following questions before you even start to think about one or engage with any prospective developers.

Start with your business’ needs, don’t just jump on the bandwagon

Look at how mobile enhances communications already in place

Don’t just replicate what you have online, add value

Consider how to deliver the expectation of instant interaction

What happens when a two-way dialogue with consumers has been established?

Decide what is the most useful to the customer and base the app on that

Utility apps last longer than those based on entertainment

Find a specialist app developer, they provide technical expertise and offer valuable relationships with the wider industry

Just because it seems everyone has a smartphone, don’t assume your target audience does

Mobile websites or apps – decide what best meets your needs

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Posted by Nick Bulfin on 27 Jan 2012