Twitter Brand Pages

Twitter recently recreated a ‘brand page’ dynamic for its biggest brands; Coca Cola, Nike and Disney, enabling them to take advantage of new features such as expanded headers and featured tweets.

Twitter has since announced that brand pages will be rolled out across the globe, apparently to brands spending over $25k on ad products, including promoted tweets and trends. There have been further rumors that brand pages are set to evolve further with the addition of an e-commerce functionality!

This could open up the possibility of it hosting games and enabling e-commerce so it will certainly be interesting to see how this progresses, considering social commerce through Facebook has been adopted at a slower rate than originally anticipated.

Twitter is one that to date, has been relatively free from promotion from brands and has been revered as a good reflection of public opinion at a certain point in time.

This development may not be particularly well received by die-hard Twitter users who are already consistently tweeting against the intrusive nature of promoted tweets. Be careful, Twitter, we don’t want to be sold to anymore!

Posted by Nick Bulfin on 08 Mar 2012