Website performance results – shocking!

If you really knew how much business you were missing out on you would care and business could be better than “good”, it could be truly amazing!

When business is good it is easy for marketing teams to sit back in ignorant bliss thinking “We get loads of work from our website”, but deep down you are not too sure where this business is coming from. Results are good, there is plenty of traffic to the website so who cares? If you really knew how much business you were missing out on you would care and business could be better than “good”, it could be truly amazing!

Consultation Scenario

Last week we were consulting for a large chain of opticians and business for them is “good”. This chain considers itself an industry leader in the areas it covers and its marketing team had a bullish confidence regarding their position in the market.

During the meeting, I asked them for the cities and towns they cover, what percentage of online searches for “opticians (town)” do they think is generating traffic to their website. In their eyes, for this high volume search, they felt they were getting 10-20% and I think they thought they were being modest with this figure. When I told them they were actually getting 0.3% (yes that is a nought and a point before the three) needless to say they were shocked and I was asked to back up our findings which we duly did.

I have to reiterate that this is not a small company, this company has thousands of visits to its website each month, they are successful, confident and luckily for us really nice! (I hope they are reading this)

The “good” performance of their company was down to the fact they are great at what they do, they are very competitive, they have been around a long time and a few competitors have fallen by the wayside recently narrowing the competition. They are getting business from the website for these keywords but they could be getting so much more.

Website Performance by Numbers

We try and get our clients to look at the bigger picture. What if rather than getting 0.3% of the available traffic they were getting 0.6%, still a very low number and totally achievable and doubling their online leads. 1%, 2%, 5% maybe even 10% of available traffic in time is totally achievable for our client giving them up to 33 times the available leads. Marketing to people who know you exist as a business is easy, but so is marketing to people who don’t know you exist, and I can assure you there are a lot more of the latter, a captive audience waiting to see your offering, try your product or service and become repeat business in the future.

In our experience the bigger and more successful the organisation, the more complacent they are and the more business they are missing out on. We see this scenario time and time again and improving the results can be very easy and we can help you achieve this. You might be reading this and thinking this is not about me, my organisation, my marketing team. Are you sure?

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