What to expect from your Social Media Management software

With Social Media now an integral part of your marketing mix, we often get asked the question:
What should I expect to get from my Social Media Management software?

Rooster Digital has taken a little time to try and help you think about what you should really be able to gain from your chosen social media software.


Buzz Monitoring: Listen and respond in real time to what others are saying about you and other organisatons across blogs, Facebook public spaces, Google+, news sites and Twitter.

Hot Topic Warning: Set up alerts to understand if there has been an increase or decline in conversations relating to a certain topic.

Obtain Insight:

Influencer Location: Understand where in the world your influencers are based and refine your searches by location.

Influencer ID: Identify the key people who are engaging with and talking about your brand. Measure their influence score.

Tag Clouds: Illustrate and identify the hotest topics of conversation amongst your community.

Competitor Activity: What are your competitors saying and more importantly what are people saying about your competitors. If someone is unhappy with their service or product you can quickly step in.

Be Alert and Engage:

Dashboard: View and respond to all social media activity and track conversations across blogs, Facebook public spaces, Google+, news sites and Twitter from one web based platform.

Work Together: Work with colleagues in different locations or departments to respond to a person or issue – ensure you have one voice.

Nudge Alerts: Receive a notification when a page has been inactive for a certain period of time.

24 / 7 Alerts: Continuously be aware of key topics or discussions on your social media profiles – you can have alerts sent to your phone during campaigns or in the middle of a crisis.

House Rules: Share best practice and social media guidelines in your virtual common room.

Workspaces: Give employees different workspaces with different levels of access to accounts – ensure the right person has the right level of access.

Manage from one platform:

Schedule Posts: Set tweets and Facebook posts to be sent on a certain day and time. Obtain approval of posts or tweets if need be.

Moderate: Set up dictionaries to protect your Facebook pages and alert you to key content as it appears. You are able to block spammers or people who write abusive comments on your Facebook page.

Protect Passwords: Ensure one person or department retains the passwords for your social media profiles and issue individual users secure login details to your dashboard.

Tiered Permissions: Give users different levels of access to features within the management platform.

User Management: Add or remove a users access in just a few clicks to protect your social media profiles.

Measure Success:

Campaign Success Reports: Pull in real time analytics from Facebook, Twitter and more.

Engagement Reports: Analyse levels of engagement and compare and contrast activity across different social networks.

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Posted by Nick Bulfin on 19 Jul 2012