Why Blog For Your Company?

61% of consumers will make a purchase based on blogger recommendations, 57% of companies acquire a buyer from a blog and a massive 77% of Internet users will read blogs. With such high percentages, can you afford not to blog?

By having a blog, you can talk directly to customers and establish yourself as the leader in your field with different topics on products, current events and published advice. Customers react better to personalities over brands, so by connecting with readers and appearing more “human”, your company will gain a personal image as well as a brand status. If you are engaging your readers through an interesting and informative blog post, you will establish a new “followers” base and can promote the brand as well as new products in a way that will help consumers put their trust in your company.

There is also an added benefit to having a blog on your website and that is the increased traffic and help with your SEO. By using the right keywords, your blog will attract the right clients through the specific post onto your website, where they will find the product they were looking for and be encouraged to make a purchase. Enabling comments on your posts is a great way to get people talking about the product – be warned that some of the reviews may be negative but this can be used as a method for your research, see what isn’t working with your product or idea and improve based on consumer feedback.

With such benefits and virtually no cost, blogging is one of the best tools in your marketing plan and when used to its full potential, will help your business establish itself and promote the brand name. If a blog is correctly and effectively promoted, it is a useful tool in a marketers strategy.

Posted by Nick Bulfin on 20 Jun 2013