Web Design: Why You Need a Digital Agency and Not Just a Web Designer

Successful digital marketing begins and ends with web design

With web design being such a powerhouse today, a business can be run totally online. All of the traditional concepts that many businesses have to follow to be successful, can be achieved through online marketing. An online business needs a website, but it will need so much more to be successful, competitive and have longevity if it has been designed properly for the web.

Responsive Web Design

Web design is at its best through an integrated creative agency

Using a fully integrated creative agency like Rooster Marketing in Winchester, Hampshire is so much more effective than getting someone to build you a website in isolation. An agency should offer you a complete service all under one roof, making communication between all aspects of the project much more consistent.

You may think you only need to have a website, and that might be true – but more often that not, you will need help with a selection of the full package: creative design, web design, web development, digital marketing, email marketing, social media strategy and so on. One option is to go about hiring small specialist companies in each field, but this can become complicated and make for a fragmented online presence.

By using a digital marketing agency, you are able to bring them the idea or concept, for which they will put their heads together, using their combined experience and knowledge to build you a complete digital strategy for your company and business.

When thinking about your options you must consider what you want to achieve. In a digital world, you need to think of a website as companies a few years ago, thought of a physical store or salesperson; it’s a big investment, but a worthwhile one when done correctly.

Cue web design…

To compete online these days, you not only need a fully functional, well-designed website which is fully responsive and with great user experience and interface, but on top of that you need an engaging online presence.

It’s going to cost you more money but will be totally worth it in term of potential ROI.

The best way to think of an integrated Creative Agency is to think of one as a means to turn your ideas into a successful online business. When a strategy is kept under one roof, there is less chance of it falling apart, the entire campaign and team involved will work together. Things will be completed quicker, because talking to a work colleague is much easier than phoning, emailing, Skype and trying to explain a concept to a stranger.

All your digital marketing efforts can be coordinated to complement, enhance and boost your online presence through clever and highly creative web design.

If you need an online business and strategy and effective web design then talk to Rooster Marketing today.

Posted by Nick Bulfin on 24 Oct 2012