Winchester Peregrine Falcon Photos

One of the Rooster team was walking through sunny Winchester this morning when the sound of a peregrine falcon¬†caught their ear. We’re always looking out for a photo opportunity, so we snapped up our camera with a nice big lens to catch it in action. We captured some¬†Peregrine Falcon photos.

We caught quite a sight. There were three peregrine falcons flying above Winchester, settling down on a church near Winchester Cathedral to enjoy a tasty pigeon. Judging by the feathery mess near its nest, it wasn’t the first time this falcon had enjoyed lunch in this spot!

Scroll down to enjoy our peregrine falcon photos, with beautiful images of spread wings and the falcons swooping into action in Winchester. And if you like them, why not share them to friends? Just use the social buttons at the end of this post.

For photography fans out there, these peregrine falcon photos were shot with a Canon EF 100-400mm F 4.5-5.6 L IS on a Canon 5D mkII camera.

Peregrine falcon swooping from Winchester church

Swooping into action


Three peregrine falcons flying

Three peregrine falcons flying over Winchester

Peregrine falcon spreading wings

A peregrine falcon stretches his wings

Peregrine falcon sitting on church

Enjoying a view of Winchester from a perch on the church

Peregrine falcon eating pidgeon in nest

Enjoying lunch on the side of a Winchester church

Posted by Kat Lucock on 13 Jun 2014