McCarthy & Stone

Flying high with the latest developments

Rooster was selected as an assistive agency to McCarthy and Stone. We have and continue to offer our expertise and aid with many of their visuals; from house and development mockups, flythroughs, floorplans and converting these into brochure ready images.

Property Development Animation

Photorealistic CGI and 4k drone footage

For over 30 years, McCarthy and Stone have been the UK’s leading retirement housebuilder. They are a high-end premium brand and due to their nature, their subject matter can often be a delicate one. As a result, we decided that hyper-realistic animations and CGIs would be the best medium to work with. Utilising photo realistic styling means that the viewer is afforded a real feel for the property and thus their clients know exactly what they are investing in.

Drone Photography

Delivering where others would stumble

Due to McCarthy and Stone’s offering and target audience, we had to work within very precise and strict brand guidelines. The way we approach all projects has meant that we have managed to achieve these well, whilst constantly interweaving in our creativity into such a tight framework – something which many may find difficult given the scenarios.

The end products have also been a huge success, being visually impressing and technically sound. We are excited to continue this partnership and to see what is to come.

Property Development CGI

The Rooster team have been a joy to work with. They were always very responsive and quickly understood our business’ needs. What they delivered was powerful, creative and thought provoking visuals that really help to set us apart from our competition.

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