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Optima Systems

Optima have been repositioned as pioneers of the acoustic revolution; as partitioning experts providing, design, manufacture, and installation of acoustically precise glazed partitionings. We have given Optima that modern twist they have been looking for by celebrating their ethos, team, and skill as a producer.

Optima Systems Website
Optima Mobile Responsive Website

A website fit for a market leader

After extensive market & company research, we designed and built a website that instead celebrated Optima’s amazing people and their skilled production process; machinery came second. After all, with any manufacturing business your team is your primary tools – as the saying goes, only a bad workman blames his tools!

Optima Systems Photography

A strong digital position

In addition to designing, building and launching a fully integrated website with a multiregional member’s area and coordinated international sites, we also undertook photography and brand refinement activities to ensure that Optima was positioned digitally, as a bold and exciting company.

To add to the users overall experience we also designed and built a 3D interaction product presentation. This took the form as a 3D visualisation of a room tour (with a choice of 3 rooms) which allows users to see Optima’s products in situ, allowing for another level of brand loyalty to develop due to Optima’s role as a technical information provider. This room tour is built using webGL meaning that it can be viewed in all modern browsers without the need for any plugins.

Optima Systems Members Area
Optima Systems Icon

A members area with bespoke icons

A key aspect of this new digital strategy was a members area. This included a custom signup and login process and was built to cater for a multiregional custom download portal. We also designed over 20 icons to help the user navigate around the members area.

The intention was to give architects, designers and Optima’s end users easy access to hundreds of product-related documents. To add direction to this area, users can download files individually or group several downloads together (like a shopping cart) so they can be conveniently downloaded as one individual ZIP file. All files can also be filtered by document name, product category as well as several other subcategories.

We are very happy with the work that Rooster have produced for us and our new UK website and three overseas sites are a reflection of the leading international glass partitioning company that we are. Rooster have also helped us transform how we communicate with our audiences and their creative concepts have been inspiring. We’ve enjoyed working with Rooster and look forward to continuing our work with them.

Becky Peach

Marketing Manager

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