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RDT (Remote Diagnostic Technologies Ltd) is a leading designer and manufacturer of medical devices specialising in pre-hospital care and vital signs monitoring. RDT came to Rooster needing a branding workshop, initial micro-site for a product launch, corporate video production, multiple photo shoots and a new, fully responsive main RDT website to house all products and give structure to their associated brands.

RDT Website Design
Mobile Responsive Web Design

Tempus ALS Microsite

Initially looking for a product centric microsite to launch their new Tempus ALS monitor at Medica, Rooster were on hand to work efficiently with RDT to this product’s tight deadlines. Following discussions and extensive research, we designed, built and developed a fully responsive website that was enhanced with striking product photography and videography. All the visuals were calculated to specifically drive a response from RDT’s main audience – the emergency services (EMS).

Photography Agency

Targeted Photography

To really bring the Tempus ALS microsite to life, we carefully planned, directed and undertook an all-encompassing photoshoot. This included the utilisation of ambulances, models, and actors all of which were needed to create a simulated emergency situation. This was vital to ensuring that the Tempus ALS could be seen by EMS professionals in relatable situations so that its unique selling points could be recognised; all necessary functionality without the extra weight.

Branding Marketing Agency

Brand Workshop

To give all our work for RDT an effective direction, we kicked off via a Brand Workshop. This allowed both Rooster and RDT a deep understanding of their audiences, purpose, future vision, brand values, company personality and all importantly their brand hierarchy. This exercise involved us spending time with all of RDT’s senior management, departments and associated partners to allow us and RDT to best evaluate their existing brand perceptions and devise the best strategy moving forward.

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