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Saint Bedes

Saint Bedes is a Catholic independent boarding school for boys and girls aged between 3-13 years old, located in Stafford, Staffordshire. Saint Bedes is rich in history and tradition, but also embraces a modern approach to teaching. They required a website that reflected the true nature of the school, showcasing the benefits of both the traditional and modern aspects of the school culture.


The aim was to create a highly effective website, that highlighted the school’s USPs to prospective parents as well as acting as a useful resource for current parents. We agreed that the budget would be best spent on market research and a professional photoshoot with art direction, in addition to the website build and design.

Using insights from extensive market research to inform the direction of a new website

Rooster created and distributed a carefully designed survey, which allowed us to gather insight on parents’ perceptions of the school, the challenges it faces and their strengths. It was followed up with a personal telephone interview to gain a further understanding of certain viewpoints.

These findings highlighted a key focus on sports and the range of activities available for pupils to get involved in. This is something the parents and teachers felt strongly about, and are generally seen as a large selling point of the school itself.

The findings from the market research provided us with invaluable information and the focus on sport and extracurricular activities was carried through to the concept development for the website and future marketing campaigns.

Without the market research, the finished result of the website would have been based on ours and the school employees’ thoughts and opinions, which may not have been truly reflective of the current parents’ needs for the website.

Encapsulating Saint Bede’s school in its natural setting

The photography on the existing site lacked personality and the buildings were main focal points. The new photography needed to complement the website by focusing on the pupils and life at the school.

Prior to the shoot, each planned shot was storyboarded to ensure we were capturing images that perfectly suited the page in which they would be featured. The storyboard also outlined the types of shots and what else they may be used for. This detailed planning included ensuring that there was a horizontal and portrait version of specific images as it will be used online and in printed material.

A visually appealing website design that caters for both prospective and current parents

Rooster designed and developed a new responsive website for Saint Bedes based on the insight we gained from the market research we conducted. The simplified layout and subdued design of the website combined with the upgraded user journey has been praised by parents, students and teachers alike. The upgraded website still attracts prospective parents but is equally as useful for current parents looking for information.

The design enforces the brand image further and has been brought to life in the photography used throughout the site. On every page you’re welcomed with stunning imagery of the historical buildings, inspired pupils and a host of activities and lessons the pupils enjoy.

School Photography


In the first two months of the website going live we’ve seen excellent levels of engagement. Users are staying for over 3 minutes per session for just under 5 pages a time. The bounce rate is very low at 36%, showing users are getting exactly what they’ve visited the website for.

We’re also seeing a good level of conversions coming through since the website went live, which is fantastic considering the website went live at a typically quiet time for schools.

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