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Senseye offer revolutionary software that had the ability to predict and forward over machine failure so that it can be avoided. This, however, unsurprisingly, is quite complex. What Senseye wanted Rooster to do was to take that complicated technology and explain it clearly and simply.

Business Website Development

Animated parallax diagram

What we decided would be the most effective solution would be to present the software in sections in an easy to follow animated parallax diagram that flowed seamlessly on their site. This enabled us to take the user on a journey through the software, helping to raise awareness and insight into the technology.

Mobile Design Marketing

Clarity through simplicity

What we delivered was pure clarity through simplicity. We broke down Senseye’s complicated technologies into an easy to understand format that consumers can easily buy into and sets Senseye apart from their competitors as this simplicity denotes an air of trust to the site.

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