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Victory Coffee Co.

As a small not-for-profit coffee producer and retailer Victory Coffee are a coffee company with a difference. They first came to Rooster Marketing with a brand that lacked confidence and direction and wanted help to drive brand engagement via creative packaging designs and an e-commerce website design and development.

Coffee Product Packaging

A truly victorious brand

Having inherited their name and brand, Victory Coffee were looking to breathe some life and soul into their company. We started with tightening their logo, after extensive research. From this, we began sketching several design concepts for the coffee branding itself.

From these initial stages, our design highlighted aspects missing from Victory which were needed to give meaning to the brand: The bunting idea that carries through the packaging and website highlights the celebratory nature of Victory, separating it from being an impersonal, patriotic and war-centric brand. It gives an emotive appeal and lustre to all Victory’s assets.

Responsive Web Developement

A website for champions

Victory Coffee were looking for a new e-commerce website to carry them forward. Being a not-for-profit company this was a tight project that needed to be delivered on budget.

As a solution, we designed and built a modern and exciting e-commerce website fit with playful features and fittings to complement the brand’s origins and link to wartime.This website, going forward, is also completely manageable and updatable by Victory Coffee themselves, meaning that as a charity they are not tied down to one specific agency for support.

E-commerce Shop

Sleek product photography

To align their website with their new packaging Rooster Marketing undertook product and packaging photography. This was all taken in a specific style that celebrated Victory’s offering and industry. They were taken with an intentional warming hue to them. This aimed to drum up memories of warmth, cosy coffee shops for Victory’s customers to drive conversions and connections with their products.

By taking high resolution, sleek product shots, we allowed the products speak for themselves whilst giving meaning to them on a personal level by styling and shooting the beans in a ‘real-life’ situation.

Coffee Product Packaging

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