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Winchester Cocktail Week

Winchester Cocktail Week, being a local event, it made sense to seek creative help locally and being a Winchester-based full-service marketing agency Rooster seemed the obvious choice of partner for helping promote, launch and support Winchester’s Cocktail week. We too, along with Paris Smith LLP and Bacardi Forman, were the official sponsors of the week.

iPad Web Development

Souvenir Guide Design
Brochure Design

A Timeless Brand

The Winchester Cocktail Week brand needed to completely personify and celebrate the iconic era of the cocktail. Resultantly, Rooster Marketing designed a brand based on the hallmark1920s Art Deco feel. The colouring, being both timeless and vintage compliments this brand well and by being accompanied by monochrome images the overall feel is one of elegant quality. This was important to Winchester Cocktail Week as many of the bars involved are high end.

A traditional cocktail glass too has been used in the simple but effective logo, making this brand instantaneously recognisable and simple to update for subsequent years.

Outdoor Advertising Design

Print In The City

Rooster Marketing offers full support for both the event and all print collateral, where we oversee and manage the entire production process to ensure brand consistency. This has included a 44-page souvenir guide, posters, bus shelter and other OOH advertising, wristband, tickets and table talkers.

The strong working relationship that we developed with both Cabinet Rooms and Winchester Bid have meant that this event has continued into next year, and we already can’t wait!

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