But find it hard to say we are a Full Service Marketing Agency!

When explaining to new clients what we have to offer, we always skirt around the fact that we are a full service marketing agency in Hampshire.

It just sounds so dated, cliché and is just the kind of terminology we try to steer away from as an agency. To me it smacks of “Jack of all trades, master of none” and that would be the case for Rooster if it was not for the fact we have specialist teams for each service we offer. These teams specialise in what they love, what they learn about more every day and ensure their individual services fit well with all the other services that we have to offer for continuity and reliability for our clients.

Although the true definition of a full-service marketing agency does include “placement” of services if this is the majority of the work an agency does then perhaps they should be called “Great Marketing Organisers” instead. I think during hard times many marketing agencies cut back on their teams to cut costs and reduce risk and I do understand this requirement for struggling agencies.

Rooster have the luxury of all our services under one roof and so on rare occasions, we do have periods between projects where a member of the team can be light on work, this is a great time for them to learn about other services we offer to help them understand the bigger marketing picture. It also helps with linking of our marketing services for a more powerful, combined offering. These quieter periods where we each learn about our neighbour’s day to day role are also great for morale and helps to keep everyone’s day interesting and fun.

I would note that I did ask one of our developers to change a light bulb recently during one of these between project periods. He stood on a chair and spun around for five minutes before we informed him he had failed his task. I’m trying to come up with a good joke around “how many developers does it take to change a lightbulb?”  I can’t think of a good answer but I now know it’s more than one!

If any of you can suggest a better way of explaining that Rooster Marketing is a full service marketing agency, we welcome your comments! Or have we just got to get over it?

Our suggestions so far from the team of alternative ways we can say we are a full service marketing agency are:

  • Integrated Marketing Agency
  • Big Headed Know It Alls
  • Fluffy and Nerdy Marketing
  • Pick and Mix Marketing

Can you come up with better?