Breakthrough cancer treatment

Our relationship with Elekta began with brand research that covered every area of the business. Since then, we have supported and developed Elekta’s global marketing through a wide range of projects: website design and development, internal communications, sales presentations and toolkits, workshops, marketing, product development, value propositions and strategy consultancy – and our relationship continues to grow.

Our primary task with Elekta was to create a brand identity for a new, breakthrough product. It required a visual presence and a name. We needed a deep understanding of the product prior to any creative work. We also needed to understand the audience of investors and end-use clients. This was critical to the development of original branding and identity. The product is a combined MRI scanner and linear accelerator – a machine that allows procedures to take place while a patient is scanned, for accurate and rapid treatment.

Rooster photographed the machine, named Unity, and helped the Elekta team launch it commercially through digital marketing campaigns and website updates.

From research to development

Elekta needed an easy way to present information to potential customers during sales representatives meetings. We met the challenge by working with Elekta, to understand what their customers are most interested in. We then designed and developed a series of interactive playbooks. These playbooks were emailed to customers after meetings, to aid their decision making.

Rooster also developed a finance calculator on Elekta’s website, that actively calculates ROI on each machine, based on individual customer requirements. Our development team built a JavaScript web application that calculates ROI in real time. This calculator has contributed to sales – and has become an important part of the internal sales process.

Global art direction, photography and CGI

Our CGI capability allowed us to build detailed 3D models of Elekta’s machines for their marketing and user materials. In addition to generated imagery, we have directed and executed several photography projects with Elekta, providing our own professional photographers for UK shoots. Our work includes shooting product images and office photography. When casting models, we choose appropriately for global markets, adjusting the content and subject matter to appeal to international audiences. We also review their internal and international communications, for worldwide brand consistency.


We worked with Elekta to improve the homepage of their website, moving it from a fixed width to fullscreen. This suited the website’s responsive design to a wider variety of platforms. The website was updated to match with the brand guidelines we produced for Elekta, and navigation was improved to assist the customer journey and give clearer access to the most visited pages.

Brand guidelines

We created a comprehensive set of digital brand guidelines that clearly enforce every aspect of brand application on digital platforms. This work ensures that the Elekta brand is aligned everywhere – on the website, in video and animation, as well as in AR and emerging technologies.

The project started with extensive research on current brand use. We uncovered several failings in their existing guidelines, where things were too ambiguous or complex for internal teams or suppliers to adhere to. We created logical, detailed brand guidelines that include all the specific information required to deliver on-brand messages – without confusion. We also developed a quick reference guide, for all marketing executives and staff.


The creative team storyboarded and animated a virtual clinic, to explain Elekta’s Intellimax. We used a mixture of real-world data screens, simplified graphics and CGI to explain their robust and interconnected system. This animation has been showcased by Elekta at events and used in training sessions.

Supporting material

Combining our brand work, photography, CGIs and design, we produce premium printed materials for Elekta. These are distributed internally, used at conferences and supplied to customers.

Our portfolio of work with Elekta continues to grow – and as their brand guardians, Rooster is a vital part of the advancement of this international medical brand.

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