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Search engines use the most intelligent algorithms to deliver content that matches users search intent – something they’re improving daily as technology advances.

We work with the guidelines set out by search engines to ensure your website will rank for relevant and lead-generating keywords in your industry. We can’t promise first, as all good SEO agencies should – but we can promise better visibility in search, improved engagement with your website and increased, better quality conversions for your business.

Make SEO work for you

If your customers are looking for your services, you want to be there waiting for them. Optimising your website for search engines consists of a multitude of tasks, all working in unison to elevate your website. Our strategy takes research to a new level by conducting in-depth market analysis, keyword relevancy, user intent analysis and competitor performance. We find the right target keywords to ensure not only you see better rankings and visibility, but also more high-quality leads for your business.

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Technical SEO

Using the best tools, we crawl and analyse the technical elements that make up your website. We ensure all the building blocks are in place, such as meta titles, canonical tags and internal linking, to put your website in the best position to be recognised as a high-quality website.

As an agency with a focus on technical SEO, we bridge the gap between content, SEO and developers to implement the most advanced SEO strategies to beat your competition.

Writing content for SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is nothing without a solid and comprehensive content strategy. Content for SEO is far more than writing regular blogs about your business area – it’s about understanding what your users are searching for, what information they expect to find and how to structure the page correctly to keep them engaged. Whilst also mindful of what layout search engines expect to crawl within your website.

Great content is subjective to the reader, but great SEO content takes a scientific approach. Our clients range from £3bn turnover international giants to smaller local start-ups. We strategically plan articles and content-driven link building plans to elevate all brands.

SEO tools

Why choose Rooster as your SEO agency?

Easy – we get results.

  • Improved rankings for a regional holiday company by 7,344 places
  • Helped a legal firm navigate a rebrand while increasing positions by 4,813 places
  • Increased a private aviation company’s sessions by 200% during the pandemic

And our team of SEO experts are all in house. It also helps that we are a real full-service agency, meaning there is no waiting around to talk to developer teams, additional fees or anything like that. We do all the hard work, in house, ourselves. We currently have four offices around the UK:


  • What budget should I allocate for SEO services?chevron-down-solid

    There’s no such thing as too much SEO - but you expect us to say that. In reality, we work with you to recommend a relevant and reasonable cost for SEO. We take into account technical fixes needed, how you currently rank, limitations of your technology alongside the budget level you have available for digital marketing.

    We do everything bespoke, and that applies to quoting as well!

  • What qualifications do your team have in SEO?chevron-down-solid

    Our team are experts in technical and content SEO, with a collective experience of over 50 years. There are very few SEO qualifications that truly showcase the level of expertise a single person has. However, we have got certifications in Yoast, Google Analytics, Ahrefs and we’re Google Partners. Just speak to the team to gauge their skills.

  • How do you report on SEO success?chevron-down-solid

    Success looks different for every business. Our main goal is to improve ranking and visibility in search engines for relevant keywords that encourage action on your website.

    We create monthly reports for every client in numerous ways to suit your style of working. From presentations suitable for board-level meetings to pure data for your own analysis.

  • What if I have a content writer in place? Can I still work with you for SEO?chevron-down-solid

    Of course! Content is a large part of SEO, but we can run technical-only SEO services for you. We can also work effectively with other companies, including content writers and PR agents, by helping to shape their content to have an SEO focus, outline articles and page headings to help with writing or writing additional content to supplement their schedules.

  • What search engines do you optimise for?chevron-down-solid

    All of them! Our work is predominantly for Google, as it receives around 92% of searches made online. It doesn’t mean that Google is the be all end all, and we also work to improve rankings on Bing and other smaller search engines. Generally, they follow similar algorithms, and the work we put in will be beneficial across all search engines.

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